Women and Education

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Women that are educated can be prepared for any situation in life, from their duties in their family, their role in society to their labor as a professional. Our society segrate women in order to don't let them get educated and keep them at home. Education of women makes them empowered and more enrolled to contribute to any ambit of the nation, and prepare to educate not just women but the nation in general.

Education is the way not just women but people, in general, have to reach their goals and satisfaction, reason why women feel that if they are educated they could do more than just be a mom or a wife, women feel empower and have the knowledge that enables both duties in home and the nation, and some cases capable of run the world. Swami Vivekananda said, “Countries and Nations that do not respect women have never become great nor will ever be in future” (Ajbani,2019). Women that are prepared in higher educational level are far more likely to have a better and brighter future, women are the epicenter of the family as the family of the society, which means without women society won't be the same, but in larger numbers men are the ones who are in charge of top positions, concerning that women are not qualify to keep a job and a family and most of the time they are seeing and used as a way to persuade certain situations, for example in politics “a large percentage of political parties are controlled by men exclusively and women are primarily used as tools for mobilizing votes from the female populace leaving the decision-making of political candidates to men”( Moses-Scatliffe,2012).

Women have always played an important role in society, even if the improvement of their position is quite elusive. Educated women are essential to achieve gender equality, and become change agents; as well women that are educated contribute substantially with the prosperity of the economy, the improvement of health, and education of their family. Some nations have in existing laws that segregated women that don't let them have education, same as beliefs in religions that restricts the way they are educated, in order to them to keep them in their domestic responsibilities, as well as keep the position that men had to have through the time. For example in Afghanistan women has been denied of their rights or get a complete education, not just primarily one, as the need of basic health, remaining in an organization such as UNICEF and some private organizations in Afghanistan that defend women human-rights (Marsden,1998). Furthermore the segregation of women in education it's a disrespectful way to don't let spread the message of women empowerment, women are indispensable to the fact that they make their family move forward, and make the paths for the future, which will influence the nations in not a long period of time, because it's among the women take the way life, in general, is going. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru explains that “To awaken the people, itis the women who must be awakened. once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”(Ajbani,2019).

It is necessary to accelerate the process of place women into higher roles in life not just in labor ones, also an equitable diverse and inclusive work culture; women that have the same level of the education as men have, earn less doing exactly the same work. In South Korea Working women earn 63% of what men do, some of this because of the “legal” discrimination that exists in most workplaces, leaving aside how well educated they might be, even some women had the pressure of dealing with children and leaving the work because what society will say about working mom, what makes difficult to keep in track of what they study and the practice of it (The Economist, 2010).

In conclusion the wellbeing of a nation depends on the education of its women, because education doesn't mean only go to college, it's also know about politics, ideologic factors, socio-cultural factors, economic-factors, or any aspect that require them, even more simple not be ignorant, which is often what society prefers for women. Equality of education for women is affected, not only by the lack of access to schooling, but also by restrictive stereotypes alien to the school and that are present in the same educational process; for this women should not let others establish what is acceptable or even natural for them to do, which create subtle barriers that hinder the development of intellectual abilities, even when academic access is not limited.

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