William Golding’s Novel

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In William Golding's novel,The Lord of the Flies,Ralph and Jack are both leaders. Leadership is when someone sets a great example for others and is being confident in what they do and say. A leader is important because they got people to where they have to go . Ralph and Jack are different leaders. Jack is childish,impatient,dictator,set in his ways,rude,mean,and can get very disrespectful. Ralph is caring, gentle, confident, smart,respectful of others and their opinions, and supportive.

Ralph and Jack are leaders in the Lord of the Flies.Ralph is orderly, he made sure everyone knew what to do when the ship came and that everyone knew how to hunt.Shown in the first chapter,Jack only picks his favorites to go hunting with him and leaves the others behind.He speaks very clearly and is not afraid to say what he thinks should be heard and what is a good plan. He let everyone do what he did. He let whoever wanted to speak or have an input say what they had to say. On pages (66-67) Ralph was very angry because the rescue mission failed l. Also, on page 32, Ralph cleared his throat and got ready to speak in front of the group of boys. He waved the conch around on page 35 . He was willing to let anyone speak. Ralph also made sure that the boys knew the island belonged to all of them not just one.

Ralph is very outgoing , friendly, loves people, kind, and supportive. Ralph was supportive of the boys naturally. For example, Ralph came forward and stood by Piggy when he was down. Jack doesn't care about how he makes the boys feel. In the first chapter, he made fun of Piggy and made him feel like he didn't belong. Ralph's leadership is valuable because he always supports his friendships with all of the boys. Ralph is also very smart and friendly. He cares deeply about the boys thoughts and he wants them to all work together. Ralph tried his hardest to make everyone comfortable with saying how they feel or what they think is right.

Ralph is a team builder, brave, and dedicated. He works hard to make the island a better place and that everyone is on board. For example, on pages (66-67) the authors indicates how at the drop of an amendment Ralph attempt to organize the boys and get them ready to work something . Ralph teaches the boys to say their opinions and say what they need to say if they want to. Ralph wants to see the boys be successful. Jack just wants to run everything and boss everyone around. Ralph actually cares.

Ralph takes charge, gives hope, sensitive, and smart at all times. He gives delegateddeligated orders to his team by giving jobs. Ralph gave a lot of hope to the boys by letting them know that help would come. He gave them a plan and made them excited for when the ship came to rescue. Ralph gave sympathy to the boys who were scared and who were down. Jack didn't understand what it was like to be down because he always ran stuff and nobody ever told him anything bad. Ralph knee what it was like to be on top and to be on bottom.Ralph was a smart boy , he always was always impulsiveimpursive . He always thought about what he should do , he never just jumped to actions he made sure it was the right thing to do.

Leadership is when you guide people to the right direction. Jack is the ruthless and disrespectful leader, but Ralph is gentle and confident leader. It is evident that Ralph is the stronger leader in the novel.

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