White Moral Psychology

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The racial contract makes white moral psychology transparent as it gives the illusion of color blindness that is covered up by white privilege, its creation is to permit whites to oppress and exploit non-whites, violating their own moral ideals in dealing with non-whites and claiming it to be a norm to do so. They see it as a natural element.

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“White Moral Psychology”

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White supremacy has forced whites to come to the agreement to ignore non whites. They deny the centrality of race because they are racially privileged. To whites, race is invisible and they believe that world revolves around them.

They take their privilege for granted, denying that white supremacy is really a political system set in place to practice repressing and exploiting nonwhite peoples socially, politically and economically. The United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution has never claimed nonwhites to be citizens or people from it first being created. The continued denial of racial oppression continues today.

As the Constitution never intended to recognize them as humans, as a consequence, nonwhites struggle to gain justice and equal treatment. Forget white bodies even white bullets are worth more than black lives.

After every mass shooting, there’s a series of protests and petitions for stronger gun control laws but conservatives leap in front of any oncoming political vehicle for gun reform preventing any changing claiming their right to bear arms, which has always been set in place only for white people.

It guards white people’s gun ownership rights and it is invisible when it comes to protecting black and brown bodies. They are quick to blame mass shootings committed by other whites on video games and mental health, denying the actual issue, not wanting tragedies as such to be politicized.

They will not jump into action when non-whites are not afforded their constitutional rights and gunned down or rallying behind them to help with their freedom of speech. They are quick to advocate for tough immigration and anti-terrorist laws, especially when it affects one of their own. After the death of Mollie Tibbetts, the Republican party immediately disregarded due process and used the fact that the man accused of killing Tibbetts is allegedly an undocumented worker to push their racial-ethnic-cleansing political agenda.

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