What should you Know about Nacirema

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It has been brought to my attention that a new group of people have been recently discovered. The location of these people which I'm not so certain where they came from although they are somewhere surrounded between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean  as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Known as the Nacirema, these people are a very awkward group of people we've never seen before.  They are highly dependent on their daily rituals and that is one very little certain thing about them. Their daily rituals practice seems to be most dependant survival mode of the Nacirema.

        The most equivalent power is held by the men and women of their society. The way they regulate themselves is undistinguished, but the one thing that stands out the most between the men and women of the Nacirema is the focus on beauty. These individual bodies rank higher than anything else in the society they live in today. Being a perfectionist is one thing that the Nacirema's idolize the most. The only way for the Nacirema's to achieve this perfection is to go through their daily rituals that they perform. Researchers have found that this is the only way they'll attain this form of ritual needed for their society.

        The Nacirema will do anything in their power to attain this beauty they have. The thousands of the rituals performed involves a dramatic and frightful amount of pain for them to have this beauty.

        Women rely on their daily rituals more than me ever do. Although among the Nacirema, beauty is sought by both the men and women of the society they're in. Women seem to require more daily customs to have and keep this beauty. If a woman doesn't attain enough customs, she is looked down upon and ashamed by the rest of the Nacirema society.

        Once super strange custom that women of the Nacirema society have to do is to remove any excess hair off their bodies. This custom is known as gnixaw and women have to do it to achieve perfection all around their bodies. Some of the men in the Nacirema society perform this act of ceremony too, but it's mostly common among the women society.

        The process of ginxaw is more of a complex but painful ritual women do in the Nacirema society. The individual must go to the temple and visit the shaman to have this ritual called ginxaw done. The shaman is highly referred to do this skill as a form of magic. This form of magic is necessary if one want to perfect their look.

        When entering the shaman lair , the woman is asked to remove all her clothes, and then put on a large sheet, then the shaman lays her onto her slab, and instructs her not to move. The process begins when the woman is on the slab. The shaman mixes all of the magical potion together. This potion becomes a thick and sticky substance. A stick is then used by the shaman to spread the substance onto certain parts of hair of the woman. Then the shaman applies a strip piece of paper to the top of the magical substance and presses down onto the skin. About 5 seconds later, the shaman rips the piece of paper off, bringing with it patches of unwanted hair. It is repeated in the same fashion around the desired area of  the Nacirema. In order for the process to be completed, some bleeding and pain is bound to happen. Before the woman leaves the ceremony, she must give the shaman a precious item of hers.

        It is apparent to see that the Nacirema are highly ritualized people. The fact that they are still alive after practicing these different strange rituals is still a mystery among us all. Even though the Nacirema's are a strange group of people, they have been thriving for generations and generations, so they have adapted to their ways of life and survival.

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