What should we Know about Buddhist Nationalism

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In conclusion to this research paper, it is imperative to emphasize the difficult and transcendent connection between nationalism and religion within the country of Myanmar. The arguments shown in this research go against the traditional tendency to associate Buddhism with peaceful practices and involve it as an instigator of combat and disorder, exemplified in Mark Jurgensmeyer Tessa J bartholomeusz’s readings. In fact, the arguments I’ve made show that Buddhist religion is related to politics and other state activities.

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“What should we Know about Buddhist Nationalism”

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Primarily, this research paper emphasizes that using religion for nationalistic reasons can be shown as a way of connecting the Burmese people through a collective identity, but as well through shared uncertainties and worries. Due to the important position Buddhism has in the Myanmar society, its traditions and figures have moreover been accepted in a way to join the individuals around a shared identity and a transforming truth. Therefore, religion has assisted in structuring and reformulating Burmese history in troubling times. It does this by including itself into the public and political setting, a landscape full of authority, influence and a pursuit to create  national cleanliness.

Theravada Buddhism appears to be the tie that creates the relationship between the state and monkhood. Sacred, social and governmental structures have collaborated and formed Myanmar’s ethnic and political setting in different difficult gestures and these gestures have constantly been manipulated by religion. Political accounts are filled with religion, just as religious transcripts are read politically which adds itself within the nation-building development of this changing country. Regardless of the influence of Buddhist teachings within the country, what is certain is  that Buddhism itself has not lead to the current situation, but rather its use to create xenophobic actions towards the Rohingya and other Muslim minorities. Thus, the belief’s traditions and figures are not primarily teaching hate or violence, however, it has been utilized to explain violent actions. Myanmar is developing from decades of authoritarian and military rule, but a new era is beginning to open towards democracy, globalization, and modernization. In this, we hope that the countries leaders will discover a method to utilize the religion of Buddhism in its most positive, abundant and accepting ways.

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