What is Buddhist Nationalism

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To better understand the causal relationship of Buddhist nationalism to the oppression of Muslim minorities such as the Rohingya, I will use a qualitative approach with a single-case study; the ideal type of Buddhist Nationalism is demonstrated within the case of Myanmar. As explained in my methods of investigation, the data I examined were mostly secondary sources which entails theoretical articles, newspapers, and books on Myanmar and the Rohingya. I also used primary sources, for instance the Burmese Constitution which was translated in English.

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“What is Buddhist Nationalism”

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A case study is a form of qualitative research, in which it is used to look at individuals, a small group of participants, or a group as whole (CSU Writing 2018). When I have examined Buddhist Nationalism, Myanmar has stood as an applicable case since it offered models of incidents that offered significant evidence of what Buddhist Nationalism defined. Case study research achieves a deep understanding of processes and other concept variables, such as participant’s self-perception of their own thinking process, intentions and contextual influences (Woodside 2010, 1).

Moreover, because Myanmar is selected as the single case in my research, I will be using it as a sort of case research which is referred to as a Building Block study, termed by Alexander George and Andrew Bennett in Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences. A Building Block studies particular types or subtypes of a phenomenon identity common patterns or serve a particular kind of heuristic purpose (George and Bennett 2010, 76). Furthermore, the building block method offers a case study new procedures or subtypes which are applicable in the initial case. Ultimately, the building block method can help by creating a complete chart of several trails that connect to a potential result (George and Bennett 2010, 262). The building blocks within this case are segregation, beliefs, and nationalism. As explained by George and Bennett, while running a single-case study, the aim of it is to try and describe an occurrence being an experiential collective, creating no variation with the dependent variable (George and Bennett 2010, 77). Because Myanmar is the most obvious case where Buddhist  Nationalism is happening, diversity within the outcome of the cases is not possible in this research.

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