What is Testing Week?

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One of the most feared weeks by both students and parents is usually testing week. Testing week is the week one must present what they've learned throughout their whole school life. Yes, you guessed it, Standardized testing. According to edglossary.org, a standardized test is any form of a test that one, required all students to answer the same question or series of questions from a common bank of questions and answers; two, is scored in a standard or consistent manner, which makes it possible to compare the answers provided by each student or in other words detect cheating. When it comes to the terms and processed of standardized testing there are many pros' and con's determining the aspect of which its seen from.

From a student prospective they seem to love the ideal of standardized testing. According to an article found on why.ord a student stated that they like standardized testing because they are a good measurement of the students' achievement, example given was if we did not have standardized tests, policy makes would have to go back to relying on tests that have been made and scored by the teacher and individual schools, which allows students to slide through the cracks. Another student stated that the increased testing along with stricter standards better prepared students for college. Seeing the student is prepping the whole school year for this test and this test alone, it's understandable as to why students love this learning theory ad if you look at it who can it go wrong.

From the prospective of a parent it could be a little on the indifferent side. Parents like to know that their kids are learning a verity of thing keeping them wise and hungry to learn more. Yes, standardized testing may defuse the stress levels of the students, but it may a lot torment their self-esteem seeing that they've been learning the material all year and still don't understand it enough to graduate. So, parents also fear the thought of their children just studying and going over the test material most of their school time, which could mentally drain a kid. In the article parent perspective: How my view have evolved on standardized tests it stated that these test are causing anxiety issues at a very young age for these students.

As an administrator the whole no child left behind theory is like the modern age bible for learning. The no child left behind act (NCLB) authorizes several educational programs that are administered by the state. This law subject states to administer required test in certain subjects, with the expectation of the students to either meet or exceed the states' standards. According to the ESEA this act is supposed to help achievement gaps by providing accountability, flexibility, research- based education instead of a homemade curriculum, and parent options. Administrators see standardized testing as a way of being cost effective no wasting money on unnecessary books and programs, also it does not put as much pressure and stress on the teachers and or the students.

Yes, all these things may be true but what about the range in learning, and the different subjects that there is to learn about. Yes, the core subjects i.e. math, science, English, and social studies are essential abut to learn about music and sports and life health are also important fundamentals in education as well because it give student to opportunity to find out what else their good at and like. As so parents playing their role, the no child left behind act kind of reinforce them to be more involved. A lot of parent are overheard complaining about the things their child doesn't know or the things their child should have been taught in school, but they really don't have to time to make efforts of teaching them. A lot of parents have become very complacent with not having to teach their kids, and now that this act has come about it forces parents to step up more.

With everything in left there's good and there's bad. When it comes to standardized testing it was seen to do more good then bad. No, its not seen as being mentally stabilizing for the children of our future, but as to higher testing scored and graduating rates yes, it was a very good theory. Growing up in the 90's the standardized testing was around but wasn't as mandated as it is today. School was about learning from all prospective of life, not just enough to get one by. Stop mentally disabling making this easier that aren't supposed to be. School is meant to be challenging and for one to learn. It's like a preamble to life, and life is nowhere near easy with or without a degree, because it's different aspects to it.

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