What is Foster Care?

The Federal Government of the United States and other governments all over the world usually deem it fit to reauthorize elementary education act provisions and secondary education act and factors laws and amendments that facilitate educational stability for children in foster care so that they can go on with their education minus any disruptions (Klein & Kraus de Camargo, 2018). Foster care should empower learners to also maintain important relationships with their caregivers and their teachers; this will also accord young learners the chance to realize career and college readiness. This paper will give invaluable insights with respect to the state of foster care today in America’s K-12 educational system.

As at 2018, children in foster care are at a larger risk of poor life outcomes in comparison with children in the general population (Gupton, 2017). The quality of a foster child’s secondary and education is a primary determinant in influencing if a learner succeeds or does not succeed in life. If we were to compare foster children in the United States with their peers, it becomes evident that they are faced by more serious challenges which need immediate address. The challenges that define foster education to all parties concerned include higher absenteeism, lower scores on standardized tests, truancy, tardiness, and the rate of dropping out.

Other problems that face foster children on a more direct level include recurrent school transfers and instability, the lack of specialized instruction, and persistent low expectations. On a personal level I think that even though the powers that be have the prerogative to transfer children to different schools at will it is not right for learners to have to adapt to different instructors within a short time. Young foster children do not have the luxury of a stable family so making them switch schools too much affects them in a negative way (Westland & Totten, 2018).

According to the children’s body language, discrimination was quite hurtful and humiliating. Some of the children became sad once they were told that they would be treated differently because of their differences. Stress is a negative element in the human body and it often demotivates us to perform any meaningful activity. Stress is very opposite to happiness; happiness is about feeling good and it makes individuals release their feel good hormones i.e. dopamine. On the other hand stress evokes the release of the stress hormone i.e. cortisol. When an individual undergoes through stress for a long time, it can become chronic and unless he or she takes action, the consequences can be dire.

There are a number of things that policy makers can do to make foster children perform just as well as their counterparts. For example, policymakers ought to come up with reforms to grant foster children the choice of enrolling in a private of public school . It is worth mentioning that the choice of going to a private or public school stems from the deliberations between a foster child and a caregiver (Hallett, Westland & Mo, 2018). Noteworthy is also the fact that school choices options could see to it that more foster children in the confines of the United States of America realize a high-quality and stable education. Receiving a high quality and stable education gives all children, those in foster care or otherwise, to successfully transition into adulthood.

The responsibility of foster care belongs to the federal government and America at large. For that matter, Americans should proverbially go back to the drawing board’ and find out what programs can be used to ensure the safety and the needs of foster children are met (Hallett & Crutchfield, 2017) The mishandling and mismanagement of resources, programs, and logistics that directly affect foster children is a negation to the well acclaimed effectiveness of the K-12 education system.

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