What is CyberCrime?

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Cybercrime is a crime that involves a computer. It is defined as Offences that are committed against individual or groups of indiduals with criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm, loss to the victim directly or indirectly using internet. It affects person, financial health and nation’s security. Some of the popular IT crimes are data breaching, hacking, sextortion, child pornography, child grooming, copyright infringement etc. Private & confendital informs are intercepted and dsiclosed illegally.
Who are Cyber Criminals? (Hemraj Saini, 2012)
a. Cyber Terrorists: Hackers and data breachers who break websites and other critical data.
b. Crackers: Computer virus creaters and distributors fall under this category.
c. Cyber Bulls: Cicious forum posts, posting fake profiles on web, emails messaging
d. Pranksters: They perpetrate tricks on others. They are not intened for long lasting harms.
e. Career Criminals: They do crime to make money as their income. (Hemraj Saini, 2012)
What are the Categories of Cyber Crime?

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1. Data Crime:
Data Interception: Influence data by Data monitoring and information gathering.
Data Modification: Attack the network to modify the data and send the target.
Data theft: Illegal copying of business or individual data. It includes passwords, ssn, credit card info and other PII information or confidential informations of the business.

Fig: Data breaching statistics in 2018 (Bisson, 2018)
b. Network Crime: Interfering functioning of computer network by inserting, deleting, tramsmitting, damaging or alterning networking data, Network Sabotage etc.
c. Access Crime: This includes unauthorized access, virus Dissemination (virus, worms, Trojan horse, logic bomb etc). (Hemraj Saini, 2012)
Impact of Cyber Crime:
1. Economic Impact: Financial impact to the company due to breach in PII information which loses customers confidence. Fall in stock market and other serious economic circumstances.
2. Ransomware Attack: Restricts user from accessing computer systems by freezing computer screen or encrypting computers.
3. Social Media Deception: This includes accessing social media accounts by illegal means and post deceptive messages and posts.
4. E-Banking Fraud: Hackers sends some attachments to the e-banking users which contains malicious programs. Opening these kinds of files infect the computers.
5. Email Scam: Cyber criminals will hack the email login details and cheat victims with all possible means to make remittances.
6. Online Business Fraud: sellers and buyers fail to receive the payment or goods after payment are made. Hackers hacks the transactions.
7. Identity Theft: Hackers may find the PII Information of the individuals and misuse data to get the benefits. (Hemraj Saini, 2012)
Future Trends:
– Hacking in the critical systems in government companies and financial instutitions can lead to leading data loss, misuse and killing of critical systems.
– Increase money laundering through over-invoicing and under invoicing in e-commerce.
– Disclosure of confidential informations from social media during group chat. (Hemraj Saini, 2012)
Solution to the Cyber Crimes:
1. Antivirus and Anti Spyware Software
2. Firewalls & Cryptography
3. Cyber Ethics and Cyber Laws (Hemraj Saini, 2012)

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