What i Learned in Sociology Essay?

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In sociology I am developing research method and data analysis skills. Research method skills are essential to anyone one beginning a new career. With research skills I can quickly and efficiently sort through information over a specific topic to determine if the information is empirical or normative. With data analysis skills I can interpret and understand the data and form accurate graphs or charts based on the information.

Amber Henderson is a Survey Statistician at the U.S. Census Bureau. She uses her skills in research methods and data analysis to choose the best research methods that are compatible with the Bureau’s survey data. I would take these skills and use them to conduct research using different methods and forming displays to accurately present the information whether in a graph, chart, or PowerPoint. Both important skills if working for a major corporation in their finances department and needing to give a report demonstrating the profit of that month.

The average entry level education needed to work as a Statistician is a master’s degree. The projected growth by 2024 for a Statistician is 34%, which is much faster than average. The 2015 median pay working as a statistician was $80,110. Working as a Statistician making $80,000 a year would be a perfect salary. I would make enough to comfortably support my family while being able to save money and not worry about unexpected expenses. A statistician’s growth potential is 34% which is well above average. I would stay in this field rather than searching for one with a higher growth potential. After earning my bachelorette degree, I will need to continue to the master’s degree level before I attain the appropriate education to work as a Statistician. Knowing that I would have to continue going to school for a master’s degree makes me want to look at other career fields.

Two other skills I have learned in Sociology is the ability to understand the sociological imagination and interpersonal skills. By understanding the sociological perspective, I can grasp a broader view of a situation, giving me the upper hand on how to go about solving a problem or improving conditions. Attaining interpersonal skills have allowed me to be more open minded to different situations or problems. Instead of blaming someone for a situation, using the interpersonal skill, I can imagine myself going through there problem and how I think the problem could be solved.s

Devin Frawley is a Social Services Assistant for Consulate Health Care. She has used her education in sociology to understand a person’s health condition and work together with the family to figure out the best means of treatment and care. Working in the health care field, it is essential for one to be able to connect with the people around you. Having someone to be able to understand what you’re going through is a big relief and from there you can coordinate for treatment and recovery. Without that extra human touch, the success rate for recoveries would drop dramatically.

The typical entry level education needed to work as a Social and Human Service Assistant is a high school diploma or equivalent. The projected growth rate by 2024 is 11%, which is considered faster than average. The 2015 median pay for working as a Social and Human Services Assistant was $30,830. The median pay out for doing this job seems kind of low, but considering you only need a high school degree or equivalent, it’s higher than expected. I would like to make more, but it is a good starting salary. I am satisfied with the 11% projected growth, but if an opportunity arose to switch careers for a high growth rate, I would take it. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I will be over qualified for the position as far as education levels go. I will not need to go back to school to continue in this career. Knowing this information has helped broaden my career field and introduced a good starting career after I graduate.

Two other important skills Sociology has taught me are interpersonal and written communication skills. Interpersonal skills are extremely important when working with others, it helps us step into the view of the person and get a better sense of what they’re going through. Interpersonal skills are also important when judging someone’s character when you’re first introduced. By understanding what another person’s view on norms and values, you can adjust your personality to match theirs for a much more pleasant communication connection. Written communication is important for any job. Being able to send out an email, write a report, fill out paper work are all basic examples of written forms of communication. By having these skills and utilizing their potential one can easily convey messages without the fear of misinterpretation.

Laura Kiehl is a Presentence Investigator. A presentence investigator uses their skills to document a criminal defendant both physically and mentally after they have been found guilty of a felony offense. Using her written communication skills, she can put together a document fully and effectively explain what kind of person the convict is, their personal history, their criminal history, education, medical, current offense, etc. Then she gives her professional recommendation on sentencing. She analyzes what kind of person they are and predict how they may act depending on the situation and sentences them accordingly. Using these skills in any job dealing with the justice system would be a fair way to gather information on numerous individuals and help with the conviction process. Being able to communicate your findings accurately could help alter the way someone’s life may turn out.

The typically entry level education required for working as an Investigator is a high school diploma or equivalent. The projected growth for this field is 5%, about average. The approximate 2015 median pay for working as an investigator was $45,610. For a job requiring no higher education the median pay is a lot higher than expect and would be a very comfortable income for myself. The projected growth rate was less than I had hoped for. At only a 5% growth rate, I would keep my eye out for another job with a faster growth rate only if it matched the current salary. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I will be overqualified based on the education requirements to be an Investigator. Considering how high the median pay is and a high school diploma is the lowest required education, I would absolutely take this job as a career after I finished my bachelor’s degree.

The Presentence Investigator intrigues me the most. The ability to sit down with individuals and step into their world for a little bit to get an understanding of who they are is the most interesting to piece together. Then taking that information and correlating it to how their family and life history has worked together to define their existence. It is completely amazing to me. This report opened my mind to new career fields that I didn’t know existed before. Understanding sociology has improved my personal life by enabling me to be more opened minded and view the world in a different light; both have contributed to my overall happiness. A major or minor in sociology would enable you a career in which you can improve either the world or one single individual’s life. Knowing that you can bettered society or a single person in some way is enough for me to want to continue improving the overall quality of life through that career field.  

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