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Imagine yourself going into a time machine and coming out of the time of 1804, now imagine going on a journey requested by the president, not knowing where you are going, being attacked by wild animals you have never seen, eating dogs, living in record temperatures, and walking with a indian you scarcely know. Imagine you are a indian and these white men come in your village and take your supplies. Just imagine that and put yourself into their shoes.

What Was The Corps Of Discovery?

The Corps of discovery was a U.S army unit during the Lewis and Clark expedition 1804-1806 It was lead by Captain Lewis and second lieutenant Clark. Also it was founded and commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson. It was caused by the purchase of the Louisiana purchase and the effect was sending Lewis and Clark on a expedition to explore the western region. (The purchase was in 1803). The Corps of Discovery were surprisingly were the first American group to explore the western region.

What was The Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana purchase was a land deal between the U.S and France. The U.S acquired 827,000 square miles. It was the land west from Mississippi. It was bought for $15 million. The Louisiana Purchase is worth $1.2 Trillion today.

Who Were part Of the Corps Of Discovery?

They're were 33 volunteers in the group and 29 in training. They were 2 Officers, 5 NCOS, 30 Enlisted, Civilians 3 Permanent, 12 Temporary. The group volunteers were part of the us army. The youngest person of the group later became a lawyer and a senator (George Shannon). Only 33 people and 1 dog left Fort Mandan. However, only one member died in the expedition despite encountering wild animals and tense encounters with the Native Americans.

How Did Lewis and Clark Meet?

Lewis and Clark met each other in the army so that is how they met. However, Clark was 4 years older than Lewis and lived a little longer than Lewis. They were both military officers Lewis went to the army in 1794 in Ohio valley and the Old Northwest territory. There he met Clark.

Who Was York?

Clark was a slave owner known to be harsh to his slaves. He brought one of his slaves York. York worked hard with no pay. York was passed down from Clarks father to Clark. After the expedition they lost status on York and he was never seen again. They believed York died of the disease of cholera or some other disease. Surprisingly York was a full member of the group even though he was a slave.

Who was Sacagawea?

Sacagawea accompanied The Corps of Discovery in 1805-1806. She was pregnant when they arrived at her village (Hidatsa villages). She followed them from the Northern plains through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific ocean and back. Her skills as a translator were invaluable, as was her intimate knowledge of some difficult terrain. Later on she moved into the fort Lewis and Clark made (Fort Mandan,North Dakota).

What Did Native Americans do with Lewis and Clark?

I called to them that I would shoot them if they did not give me my horse and raised my gun, one of them jumped behind a rock and spoke to the other who turned around and stopped at the distance of 30 steps from me and I shot him through the belly, he fell to his knees and on his right elbow from which position he partly raised himself up and fired at me, and turning himself about crawled in behind a rock which was a few feet from him.

Lewis and clark met these plains tribes Osage, Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, and Mandon. And they met these plateau tribes Blackfeet, Flathead, Shoshone, Nez Perce, Spokane, and Yakima Native Americans. The Native Americans must have caused some trouble for Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. They caused some trouble by Nez Perce giving them little and bad food. Some Native Americans must have been nice to the Corps of Discovery like some give them food beds and water.

What Were Their Discoveries?

They found 134 new species to science and 174 plants( More than I expected I thought they found like 50 species of each but no it has to be 134 animals and 174 plants. They discovered most of the animals we know today like the pronghorn sheep. They had some close encounters with some of the animals mostly the predators like the fox for example. Lewis brought back plants animal skins and skeletons back to Washington.

What They Ate

Lewis and clark and the Corps of Discovery ate over 200 dogs. They ate basically anything they could find like meat, fish, and berries. They were all native foods they found on the trail. So basically with the meat any animal they see they shoot it and eat it.

Weird fact

Because the journal writers did not use consistent spelling the word mosquito was spelled in at least 15 different ways. Weird right well it was because all the members wrote in the journal so they all spell and also write in so many different ways.

What Happened After The Expedition?

In 1984 Lewis and Clark were the most popular expedition group. Also there was no other American expedition leaders so recognizable by their names. Clark became a planter and a slave owner. After Lewis finished the journey Thomas Jefferson wanted him to explore the west Mississippi.

How Lewis and Clark Died?

Lewis died on a famous route the Natchez Trace. Found dead in a cabin with gunshots in his chest. He was only 35 seriously only 35. He had some mental problems and had some close encounters of killing himself on a another expedition but on the Natchez trace he got it done and killed himself with his gun that is what was thought by researchers. Clark died from natural causes (Rest in peace Clark RIP). Adding to that Clark died in September 1st 1838. Lewis and Clark were both buried where they started their journey in St. Louis

What they did in Memory of Lewis and Clark?

In Lewis and Clark's memory they made a historic trail in 1978 (The nearest city Omaha Nebraska). Along with that in Portland, Oregon they made a collage in memory of them.

Clarks JournalThe Journal of clark goes beyond geographical records for temperature and weather. This year they put fake plush toy dogs on a raft and put them on the same journey as there old ancessers Seaman Lewis's dog. The Pups are traveling 3700. They will stop multiple visitor centers to make a blog post. (Seaman jr one of the Pups is in space).

Weird fact

Surprisingly Clark legally adopted Sacagawea two children her daughter Lizette Charbonneau and her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

Imagine you just finished your 8,000 mile journey with but loads of fur and animal skeletons. To bring to Thomas Jefferson and back to Washington. Now imagine having to go on another expedition after this one and also having suicidal actions and thoughts. Now imagine going down in history as one of the most brave people, as the most popular expedition group, the they put statues in your memory, and you get a lot of praise FROM THE President. Just imagine that all that fame.

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