Viewpoints on the Life

In many religion and culture death is viewed as one of the best things to happen to someone, but that all depends on what the person has the done and wither their death is painful or really easy is all in their hands. In this essay, I will be going to be analyzing and explaining Jobs’s argument about death. I will be discussing the ways I agree and the ways I disagree with his viewpoints from the text with the quotes. Because almost everything”all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure”these things just fall away in the face of death(Jobs) and no one wants to die(Jobs) and There is no reason not to follow your heart.(Jobs) To explain my viewpoints I will be providing my own reasons and comparing them to the examples from the text.

The first example from the text is “Because almost everything” all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure”these things just fall away in the face of death.(Jobs) In this text, he implies that you forget everything when death you face death you forget everything and you do what you did not want to do or weren’t able to do. I strongly disagree with this quote because the last thing you would do is to keep what’s important to you. Since you are dying you want to do what gives you pleasure in a good way and why spend the last few moments of your life being bored to death? It is also because embarrassing yourself is always a bad thing to do. Not only it stains your name forever but in many scenarios being embarrassed could even mean killing someone but you wouldn’t do it because you are bad at killing which is a really bad thing but I could agree that you might try something new with the phrase All fear of embarrassment and you could ask someone out maybe or try to accomplish something that you have been thinking you might fail if you did.
The second example from the text is no one wants to die.(Jobs) I strongly disagree with this because everyone wants to get out of this cruel world as fast as possible to not see all the violent actions. They do not want to live anymore because they might do something that they wouldn’t want to do. But I could agree that it could also mean that the person has done something bad in life, if they believe in the afterlife, they would wanna live so they could pay for all their sins in some ways. But the person could also be someone who has a rich life and is happy with it and not believe in the afterlife resulting in them making the decision to stay alive for as long as possible to enjoy the joy and happiness they have.

The last example but not least is There is no reason not to follow your heart.(Jobs) I strongly disagree with this quote because following your heart means anything. It could mean to blow up the world, do what Hitler did, or kill someone you don’t like because you have no other reason to do it. Just because you want to do it it does not mean you can. It wouldn’t be fair or nice to anyone who is going to be affected by the actions of your hearts wish. I could also agree that if the person’s heart is pure and they do something to help humanity or something that could give only the individual joy while not hurting or harming anyone else, then it is truly fine.

In conclusion, I strongly agree with all three quotes in some ways and I strongly disagree with all three quotes in other ways. It is truly magnificent how someone could analyze a sentence negatively and positively.

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