Urbanization in Albania

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More crowd was occurring since people were moving and the numbers of private properties generated since 1991. It was estimated to be over 2.5 million of private properties. After 1992, the opening of land and business property for individuals began a positive boom in Tirana. Many cars and trucks were exported and traveling along highways and in central areas caused severe traffic and congestion. The population of Tirana, which includes the suburban areas, grew to an estimated 450,000 five years later, from 225,000 during the latter period to more than 600,000 in mid-1999. Since people were immigrating more crowd was occurring than in the rural areas. The transportation in Albania disgusts many visitors to the country and people outside the country who hear about it. No just the overcrowd that occurs because of urbanization but also the type of transportation. Transportation in Albania consists only buses, cars, motorcycle, bicycles, and trains. Unlike any country, Albania does not have internal flights and there are no boat services.On the other hand, education is a source that they lacked in rural areas but now when people moved to the urban cities some have access to it. Rural migrants can send their children to school in urban and near-urban regions. Yet, there are still people who don’t go to school because they are below a standard of quality and the lack of space for school. Overall, Albania has done little improvement over the past 3 decades, but they have not met the average level yet, and the country is still lacking a lot of sources. And, according to (Walter Jr Kryemadhi), the educational system in Albania is a disaster and a failure, plus the worst possible educational system. He wrote “ the classes and schools are too small for the amount of students”. This all describes the horrible conditions in Albania is like before and after urbanization, and its even worse after urbanization because there’s more people and less achievement.

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“Urbanization in Albania”

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Overall, urbanization is more negative than positive seeing that the country remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. It has only increased the side effects by creating more crowd, less space for school, houses, and worse public transportation. In addition, the only positive change that happened was less amount poverty by 1.8 percent in a year the reason behind this was the country taking steps. All of these transformations is very sluggish and unfortunately not suitable enough for the country thats why the country remains poor. In my opinion, the only way to improve Albania’s condition and increase its standard is by having the government taking bigger steps and asking help from the other countries.  

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