Toyota Operation Management

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19. 1. a Operations Management Operation Management is a key business area that deals with production of the company. The production and post sales service are two important aspect that measures the efficiency of the business operation which monitors the resource utilized in meeting the customer expectation. The operation management governs the resource utilization to company profits by managing an efficient use of little resources and managing to produce the goods to the customer satisfaction.

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“Toyota Operation Management”

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In simple terms the operation management is the process of converting inputs into outputs. The traditional operation management looks at the produced goods and the services offered as the two different aspects and which changed eventually when the company started to offer both these things as a part of sales. This concept of services with the goods turned to be a profitable business strategy and this sales model as most scenarios have to be looked as value added service to the customer.

From this point of view the value added service has also turned to be an operation management and widely accepted sales strategy based on the market strategy. Operation management in the new business world is considered as a department that manages the physical and technical directions of a company which relates to the development, production and manufacturing of goods. Some of the key areas include the supply chain design and execution in accordance with the demand planning along with sourcing and supply.

The technology management plays a key role in the product and process development and in developing the enterprise information system which is important process management system for the performance improvement program. The production scheduling which is an important operation in the operation management needs a close coordination between the sales department and production plant unit. For an automobile company this flow is important because of the limited space for produced goods and the raw materials is a constraint factor, so the sales figure and the forecasted sales is important in driving this supply chain management concept.

The automobile company which requires a very big production unit at most cases follow the supply chain management concept and in any such scenario the raw material required for the new few production schedule will only be maintained in the production unit. The sales forecasting will lead the team to find anything they need in the company for the next few sales scheduled for the company. Sales and planning is one another important concept any company has to follow to have a supply chain method implemented in the organization.

This important scheduling is important for the planning and down the line to have a proper production schedule. The sales and planning has a key benefit of meeting the sales forecast and production schedule so by meeting the demand and supply of the automobile market. To understand the process of sales and planning followed by the Toyota we have to understand how the sales demand is captured in the supply chain management process.

In a normal perspective a dealer will be submitting the demand that he has received but in the Toyota sales flow there will regional offices in each sales segment they will submit a demand report once in a month and this forms the key factor in sales and planning. 19. 1. b strategic objectives of Toyota 19. 1. c Performance objectives of Toyota 19. 2. a Toyota business process 19. 2. b Quality audit of Toyota 19. 2. c Quality Culture of Toyota 19. 3. a Work activities of Toyota 19. 3. b Recommended improvements 19. 3. c Impact of proposed recommendation 19. 3. d Implementation of recommended plan

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