Character Development in to Kill a Mockingbird

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A wise man once said, your personality determines the choices you make in life. This famous quote came to mind almost immediately, which in turn invited similar ideas resonated with me throughout. Jem, Scout, and Atticus all have different personalities that will determine the events that they will go through in the future as well as their character traits. Which brings me to my point, personality determines the choices that you make in the further.

Equally as important, the theme song that best supports Atticus’s character trait of dependable is “....”, by “....”.In short, Harper Lee expounds the trait by providing details of Atticus being dependable throughout the text. It is evident that Harper Lee uses Atticus as a character of trust and kindness, being the father of Scout and Jem it is his duty to teach them life lessons so that they can become better-mind/outstanding people as they grow up.

Further more, the theme song that would symbolize Scout being curious is, “The Curious George Theme Song”. As can be seen, Harper Lee makes Scout into a very friendly character yet someone who will continue to ask questions and be a bit annoying. Scout is the daughter of Atticus and very adventurous, she is seen as the protagonist in the story. As we can tell, Lee’s depiction of her makes it easy for Scout to be the main on around and always curious for she doesn’t know much about the world as of right now, “Scout, you aren’t old enough to understand some things yet” and ““If you shouldn’t be defendin‘ him, then why are you doin’ it?”. In other words, Atticus is trying to tell Scout that she is still young and doesn’t know enough to really make good and rational decisions, meanwhile the other citation is relating to Scout asking another question to Atticus about Tom Robinson saying why defend the man if you shouldn’t be defending him. As an illustration, in the Curious George theme song, it says “A big adventure or a brand new friend” shows how Scout made a brand new friend (Dill) and together with Jem as well they started on what continued to become a stray of continuous events. This demonstrates curiosity in Scout based off of the evidence and citations. Therefore, it is evident that Lee uses Scout as a symbol of adventure for knowledge.

There are striking similarities between Jem and Scout according to what I have read in the text. They are alike because the duo have been faced with racism and have great respect for their father, Atticus. However, they’re biggest similarity is how they are intruiged with the Radleys, “He said it began the summer Dill came to us, when Dill first gave us the idea of making Boo Radley come out.” (Dill sort of turned their interest into a reality). As you can see from the citation it is talking about all three of the kids. Jem, Scout, and Dill all together begin interested about Boo Radley specific. Some more background information, in the text it says the kids ran up to the Radley’s house and looked at the window until someone shot a gun and the noise startled them. The personalities of both Jem and Scout affect their actions, experiences, and dialogue mainly because it describes who they are as people. Because they are siblings some of the experiences will obviously be more similar then if a non relative of the Finch family was compared. As has been mentioned, the two finches (Jem and Scout) are very similar in both their actions and personality.

In finally analysis, personality determines the choices you make in life. To restate claim from prompt, the events that Jem, Scout, and Atticus go through events that substantiate both their character traits and determine the theme song that’s right for them. Hence, keep track of your actions for they sum up your personality.

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