Dante’s Inferno a Great Book of Nobility and Courage

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Dante's Inferno is a great book of nobility and courage, I actually own a copy. Reading through you will find people who have sinned, being placed in different parts of hell. You can find Cleopatra in the second circle of hell for being lustful in her life. You can find Brutus, being eternally eaten by one of the three mouths of Lucifer for being treacherous. These places of hell with different figures from the life and history of Dante Alighieri, show of where he thought the sinners from his life should be placed. There are celebrities who could be assigned to the different levels of hell based on their actions. First circle, limbo, in this circle of hell you will find that people who were not baptized or did not believe in a higher being. Here we could place the famous scientist Richard Dawkins. It is known that Dawkins is an Atheist, he has written a book called the God Delusion in which he points out the flaws of religion. Dawkins would be forever stuck in limbo due to him not conforming to the ideas of religion. Second circle, lust, this circle of Hell is designated to those who have sinned of the flesh. In a tornado of sinful souls are forever thrashed around this place, never resting. This is a depiction of how one might think with lustfulness on their minds. We would encounter Tiger Woods in this circle, he was accused and found guilty of adultery by his wife. Having around 120 affairs with different women in his life, I believe that Tiger Woods would be among those souls that are punished the worse in this second stormy circle of Hell. Third circle, gluttony, forever raining from the sky is ice and all around our feet we can hear the moans and shouts of the dammed. Guarded by the beast Cerberus, a hound like creature who is constantly chewing at the flesh of the sinned and eating the souls that stay here. A stinking pit of vile slush on the ground much like that of a pig pen, but much worse. In this circle of Hell, we will find the ex-television show host Paula Deen. In gluttony she stays, due to her overindulgence of food. Fourth circle, greed, this circle of Hell is devoted to those in life who either are hoarders or spend thrifts. Divided into two sections this place is a constant brawl between the hoarders and the spend thrifts. Here we can find the ever-popular Kim Kardashian. She is stuck in this hellish place due to her constant spending in life. The two sides fighting in this pit are an analogy to ones' selfishness in life with their belongings. Fifth circle, anger, in this circle we will find the river Styx, which is a river filled with naked and muddy souls, all fighting one another for eternity. We would find the MMA fighter Coner McGregor. Though it is his job to fight, often times McGregor tries to pick fights with people outside the Octagon in which he fights. In his life, McGregor is always angry about losing or not being the best fighter in the world. Sixth circle, heresy, in this circle of hell the heretics are trapped in boxes and burned for eternity. This is the true look of hell I think, with the poem talking of fire and brimstone. Heresy in Dante's words were almost meant to be for people that didn't take a religion at all, but he also talked of religious people in his life in this circle of hell. We could find the famous actor Tom Cruise in the circle; his life was spent practicing scientology which directly goes against the Christian religion. Seventh circle, violence, in the river Phlegethon of boiling blood, we can find the most violent people of modern day society. Someone who I think would be suited for this circle is Chris Brown, he was accused of being violent toward Rhianna. In the poem, The Inferno, it is said that the dammed souls of the seventh circle are placed at different depths of the river Phlegethon of boiling blood in accordance to their violence in life. Dante said in his book that Alexander the Great is sunken up to his eyebrows, I think that Chris brown should be sunken to his head at the least. Eight circle, fraud, this circle is dedicated to those in life were fraudulent. Martha Stewart comes to mind when thinking of this circle of hell. Stewart was accused for fraudulent activity in a security fraud. She would be in the last of the 10 malebolges of the falsifiers. In this malebolge, the cursed are sickened with disease of the worlds. Ninth circle, treachery, this last and final circle of hell is meant for the worst of the sinners, the traitors. Much like the river of boiling blood, the sinners here are stuck in the ice in different positions due to the nature of sins in their lives. Here we could find Simon Cowell, he bedded with his best friend's wife. Not only did he sleep with her, but they had a baby together. I think Simon Cowell should be placed face down in the ice not being able to move, or speak. This can be a useful analogy in being ashamed of what one has done in their life. In life, most people will eventually do wrong in the eyes of some religion or another. The Inferno calls to our human nature to do better than you think you can if you believe in a higher power or not. I think Dante wrote a great poem that could change the way people think in 2018.
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