There could be Life on Mars

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This research paper is written to explore about NASA in depth. This paper have some important description of Mars. The paper focusing on future Manned mission which will held in future toward Mars. This paper also trying to explain about some obstacles that may faced during mission toward mars, like challenges to astranout while building spacecraft, managing supplies, and shelter in space. The paper also have little bit comparison of Earth with Mars which help you to understand about colonization in Mars.

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“There could be Life on Mars”

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The description of Orion spacecraft is also discussed in paper and how it will help scientists to explore Mars in future. Attempting manned mission on Mars is recent scietfic topic. Even before Mars manned missons on Moons were attempted successfully but they were in shorter in duration. The huge distance between Mars and Earth is kind of question revolves around manned mission on mars. The mission on Mars undoubtly will we more difficult. Nobody have clue about what psychological and physiological problem will be stand during this research. The leadership one of most important thing needed in this mission with crew understanding with each other. The planning to establish manned mission is started with building spaceship name Orion in Kennedy Space Center Florida. Orion spacecraft is I developing for deep space. 

The Orion is especially designed to travel human far as far possible in space. After Apollo mission of 1960s the Orion will be second milestone to go such deep in space. According to NASA the Orion will will opens gate for humans in mars. Orion is will tested in 2020s, in which astranouts explore an asteroid. The astriod mission will be test all recently discovered technologies The mission toward Mars is comples for which the area around Moon which known as cis-lunar space. The cis- Lunar space is rich in environment which will help astronouts like Solar Electric Propulsion. These all tests of new technologies may also help NASA to understand about sinding heavy cargo to Mars in advance of human mission. As expected that Orion mission to asteriod may help in collecting some amazing smples of asteroid, it may test all important tools to develop new techniques which will be used in future for manned mission in Mars.

The Orion also in test for checking his endurance in high speed reteurn from space. The heat shield also will one main thing under testing, astronaut will see does this shield can handle near 4000 degree F test human exploration needs like advance space walking suits, navigation with gravity, and protection from radiation and extreme temperatures. The others will be under test like does Orion’s computer can handle radiation environment near Van Allen Belt. Orion’s 11 parchutes will under tests too, Finding life on mars is one main research is going in scientific world. Mars is main focus of scientists, most of scientific studies are trying to find how human clonization possible in mars. “Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the next planet beyond Earth. It is, on average, more than 142 million miles from the sun.”). The Mars is also name as red planet and, it’s red color because of iron oxide in it’s soil. Mars climate is around -80 F which is too cold. Mars surface is rocky with canyons , volcanos, dry lake beds. The mars is around 133,404,119 aprox miles away from sun, sunlight takes 11.935660 mins to travel from sun to mars. Mars completes it’s year in 687 days.

Before assuming or finding biomarkers of life on Mars it’s important that we must understand about Mars today, and why Mars is not suitable for human habitat. While reading on various sources and websites I found that climate is one of main reason that Mars can’t afford human life. Mars temperature goes to -100 F, we can’t handle Albany’s -10 temperature How we will exist in Mars temperature. If we talk about life on other planet only two According to scientific studies after Earth Mars is the most habitable planet in solar system. There are few major signs that proves life on MARS is possible like :- The soil of mars contains water to extract Mars climate is suitable because it’s not that cold or hot. Mars is neigbour of earth and sunlight on mars is enough to settled solar panels over there. The gravitional force on Mars is less then Earth, but it’s force is suitable humans. As compare to Earth, Mars have winds like Earth. Mars grviitational force is almost half from earth. For example “A rock dropped on Mars would fall more slowly than a rock falls on Earth. A person who weighs 100 pounds on Earth would only weigh about 37 pounds on Mars because of the reduced gravity.” Mars atmospehere is thinner from earth because mars contain more 95 percent of carbon dioxde and less 1 percent oxygen. NASA trying to learn about mars more in coming years. NASA used spacecrafts and robots to learn about Mars. The Mariner 4 was spacecraft which flew near to mars and gives close pictures of Mars to NASA. Later in 1976 Viking 1 and 2 were successful landed to collect scince of Mars. Today NASA have three spacecraft which are orbiting around Mars, to get to know more about mars, the spacecraft are helping in giving daily images, climate changes, topography and about minerals on Mars.

The scientist are still in search to find water with helping rocks on surface of Mars. NASA have lot of plans to study more about Mars for that NASA plaining more robots to send on Mars. Right now there is one orbiter name MAVEN which started it’s orbits of Mars in September 2014. NASA also planned to launch rovers to be launched in 2020. NASA have big plans to send astranout to Mars, but with they also trying to find good home for human where they can stay. There are some obstacles NASA facing while manned mission to mars the first they still working on spacecraft that will safely fet crew to Mars. Moreover, scientists have expectations to make capsule which will be safe and good for long jouneys in space. Another then capsule scientists to make rocket that will be pushed in such a way towards space that will be helpful in shortening journey. But one main obstacle for NASA is USA government which interfaring in reserches, like during Barack Obama presideny NASA was told to work on Mars, but on another hand Donald trumph told NASA to work more on Moon for colonization in Moon. May be this confusion making NASA work more hard. And these confusions splits attention of scietists between two objectives, and which affecting the Mars mission of 2030, if this will continue may be date will be extended. Right now NASA main purpose to search and found best route map toward NASA which will be safe and short to get humans to MARS. Moreover, NASA had some budgets problem too because of too much researches going on same which also an barrier for 2030 Mars plan.

Moving toward more challenges that may standing between manned missions, the important issue among them is launching such big mass of the spacecraft into space. The journey to Mars is long and hard, it is obvious that astronouts need food and various other important supplies for daily use like water, fuel onboard along with them toward Mars. The weight of supplies are kind issue which will bad and it will affect the efficiency of launch. According physics, it is difficult it is difficult for spacecraft to take off and get rid of ravitational force of earth while traveling to space. “We know that astronauts traveling to Mars would not be able to stay for a couple days or weeks like the Apollo space mission. Rather, the Martian astronauts will need to remain in space at least one to three years during the mission” (statement by NASA in 2012). The statement by NASA directly indicating that to spend that much time which is more then year in space is difficult, and to make that easy for astronouts the shelter need to be made in space that may safe for them, and those shelters protect scietists from rays from sun.If we spend more than nine months in space, we have to build a shelter which can protect the astronauts from being exposure to radiation risk from the Sun. Adding all these stuff together good cement shelter, supplies of food and water, the extra fuel needed in space is equal tons of weight which may a risk for rocket at launching pad. “to make this happen NASA said they have to make sixty launches for their supplies to be on Mars.

It takes a longer time and costs a lot of money” ( by NASA) . Therefore, astronauts can just bring with them some canned foods that are dehydrated and SpaceX plans to launch the first cargo Mission to Mars in 2022. The SpaceX has an dream to send humans to space. And that may be come true in 2024 oif nothing goes bad for agency. The SpaceX is first private company to reach the ISS in 2012 with Falcon 9. SpaceX had made an important and such strong name in astronomical field with Falcon 9, carrying Dragon Capsule, cargos load, forming ISS. Long-term missions need to have a controlled ecological life-support system (CELSS) to replenish oxygen, fix carbon dioxide, purify water via transpiration, recover water for storage and distribution, and produce foods and edible biomass for a vegetarian diet. Also, a bioregenerative process will regenerate waste products to make renewable resources for people’s habitat (Mitchell 1994). From CELSS, people can control pressure, temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

They can manage wastes such as metabolic, solid, liquid, and gaseous, as well as detect and suppress fires. This system is very important in order to provide basic and continuous life-support requirements which use plants as a central source of recycling components (SS N.d.) On the other hand, technologies also have limitations for long duration missions that people are trying to resolve. First, growing plants on Mars in the greenhouse for photosynthesis to generate oxygen and water do not cost too much, but the greatest cost is lighting and air conditioning for the whole system to work. We need to solve the problem of how to get extra energy to utilize for this activity (NASA N.d.c). Second, the solar cells have their own limitation in the hybrid system. Mars will drift away from the Sun on its orbit every year. There will not be enough sunlight coming down on Mars in the future, and the efficiency to produce energy will reduce (JPLCIT N.d.). Another facet is the solar arrays will be covered by dust over time. Then we need to periodically maintain them, and clean off the dust (James and others 1998). 

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