The Main Components of the Problem of Children

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Despite the decline in child mortality in the past five decades, childhood deaths are still a huge source of concern. According to our text, most of these deaths occur from either communicable diseases or from issues that occur such as premature birth. Over half the deaths occur within a few months of birth. Lack of access to vaccinations and malnutrition are major components of the problem. Poverty leads to these issues. Females not having educational opportunities also help propel this cycle.

It was devastating to learn that malnutrition is responsible for 3.5 million child deaths (WHO, 2015). This was devastating to me because globally we should be able to join forces to prevent this from happening. The United States and other wealthier countries should be able to utilize resources to change this trend. Money should be invested in agricultural engineering in order to provide maximum food for the resources and space available. No one should be hungry in any corner of the world in 2018. Another disturbing issue mentioned in this chapter was the genital mutilation that many girls suffer through in countries such as Africa. This inhuman practice causes disease and issues that the girls should never have to endure. Child abuse through both physical and sexual means is a travesty that too many children have to endure.

These types of situations put undue stress on the child causing health and mental issues. The video “Too Young to Wed” was also troublesome to consider. Unfortunately, this practice is happening in many developing countries. Sometimes families do it to help feed their children or to settle the debt. Thinking about how many of these early marriages turn abusive is another sad fact. In addition, the girls are often removed from school. This just perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Poverty causes many issues for children. It actually can affect brain structure and change how people learn.

Poor health, stress, and possible abuse follow the lines of poverty. Children who are part of families whose incomes are below 15,000 dollars are twenty-two more times likely to suffer from abuse (Housshar, 2014). Most of the mortality in children is propelled by poverty. Lack of access to immunizations and food and inhumane practices such as abuse or genital mutilation is often propelled by poverty and lack of education. All children deserve an education and a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Providing more enriching educational experiences is important for all children but especially making this equitable for girls. Humanitarian efforts to feed others in the most effective manner by maximizing the resources and educating people so that they can take care of themselves are of utmost importance.

This chapter has really caught my attention. I do have a passion for the care of children. When you look into the eyes of a young child that is suffering one cannot help feel compassionate. If young children are not cared for or provided for, the results could be devastating for continuing our populations. I hope that we can join forces across the globe to help meet the no hunger goal and to increase educational opportunities for all.

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