The Limits of Doubt

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To know the limits of doubt and to explain how the self was discovered and what makes the knowledge of the self easier than the knowledge of the body? The title of the second meditation reflects the epistemological and ontological project that Descartes seeks to establish. From the very beginning, Descartes declares that he will follow the path of search to the end to guide something fixed or, as he has expressed, to find Archimedes' point to be able to bear the burden of unattainable knowledge Doubt: What Descartes is suffering now is a disturbance in knowledge that needs to be driven to stability that can only be achieved by finding a truth that is an argument for the existence of truth. Descartes will then go back to reconsidering the path of doubt to declare a hypothesis that will later represent an opportunity to transcend doubt as there is no fixed thing.

The senses, the body, the form, the movement, the extension and the place are nothing but illusions. Doubt on existence as it is necessary that those who doubt it must exist, which is certain of what is raised by the doubt, the recognition of the reality of existence requires at the same time to search for the nature of this existing or as expressed by Descartes to discuss anything we or that We ask publicly what man is. This question is not one of the questions that is answered This is the definition of a human being, a rational animal, but this definition does not meet the need. It also requires the definition of the animal and the mind. It falls in a more difficult and more complicated sequence at the level of selection. At first the body is the domain The human body is defined by its primary characteristics and through its secondary properties.

The primary characteristics are the physical properties of the body and the awareness of the body. Easily (stretch and Incompetence The secondary characteristics are the unchanging characteristics which are sensory and subjective. Unlike the body that belongs to the field of physical inertia, the soul is responsible for life, thinking, and movement. Through the doubt, the sensory experience does not give us anything about the self, there is a picture that is different from the ego, because the one that ended Descartes completely excludes the body is not my body, then I am a soul? The idea of the soul is still obscure. This is why Descartes will return to the question of existence. I am an existing being that goes through all the moments of thinking: Fujodi is determined when my mind is thinking.

I am now certain that I have nothing to do with the body at the specific level. We wonder what this thing is thinking? This question posed by Descartes will lead to the self-knowledge of what is doubtful, thinking, negating, proving, wanting, imagining, but also feeling. All of these phenomena are mainly due to the thought of what is a direct referral of the ego or self that could not be excluded. Which is at the same time distinct from the body was characterized by the experience of wax role in asserting that the question that faced the reflector Homa, which distinguishes the soul from the rest of the bodies? And the means that may help to answer is to subject the body to an experiment that is able to reveal its characteristics and took a piece of wax and between it carries sensory characteristics if we hope that the sense that it has a form and taste and color and smell and sound if we click on it, but is that These characteristics are actually the properties of the body. If this is the case, these characteristics must be maintained and not changed, but the burning of the piece of wax shows that all these primary properties have been eliminated. There is only one thing left of the piece. The result is that the body is an extended essence. It is mainly because the extension is more of an idea than the fact we are masturbating We are more aware and aware than we are.

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