The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln

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On April 15, 1865 at 7:22am America lost one of the greatest Presidents in all history. President Abraham Lincoln assassinated by one single bullet shot behind the left ear by a young man named, John Wilks Booth. John Wilks Booth a young American actor followed into the steps of his father, Julius Brutus Booth one of the greatest actors in the country. John's brother Edwin Booth also became an actor pursuing his dream in the North as John stayed in the South. John Booth became famous in the South spending so much time there he adopted their political views. Johns sister, Asia once said We are of the North. John responded saying No I, so help me God, my soul, life and possessions are from the South. John Booth no longer considered himself a man from the North, but from the South. He now believed in slavery and had hatred towards President Lincoln. During the Civil War theatre started to vanish out of existence making John loose interest in his carrier. This drastic change made him blame his life changes on the president after he signed Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves in the Confederate States in 1863. As time went by John wanted the President gone. He later planned to kill the President of the United States. This would be an easy task for John Booth because the Lincoln never had any protection in public. On March 4,1865 Lincoln was to be submitted into office for his second term. This was the perfect opportunity for John to finish the President. Plans did not go according to plan for John Booth. Two weeks later John said, We're going to kidnap Abraham Lincoln; were going to get him at Ford's Theatre. John Booth had assembled a group of men by the names of George Atzerodt a German painter and boatman who snuck in Confederate agents across the waterways of Maryland's. David Herold which knew the way of escape where they would take President Lincoln. Samuel Arnol and Mike O'Laughlen both childhood friends of John. The plan was to kidnap the President from the box at the Ford's theatre. On April 14,1865 the President finally had life again after he got word that the war was over oh April 3rd. He and his wife along with her friend and her fiance all headed to Ford's Theatre to celebrate. That morning John went to go pick up his mail and overheard that the President was going to be at the theatre that night. Everything was ready to go John said, Tonight, in about two hours, I am going to kill Abraham Lincoln. You, Lewis Powell, will murder the Secretary of State, William Seward. George Atzerodt, your job is to murder the Vice President, Andrew Johnson. At 10:15pm John Booth headed towards the Presidents box to murder him. He waited for the famous line in the comedy and POP! John Wilks Booth shot the President of the United States. At the same time Powell went upstairs to kill the Seward he cut him, but he did not die. George did not even try to kill the Vice President. Lincoln was carried to Petersen Boarding House, laid on a bed to breathe his last breath. On April 15, 1865 the United States no longer had a President. The 21st of April a train departed from Washington D.C. to Springston with the bodies of Abraham Lincoln and his son Willie. The country mourned the death of the President, but not only the President but the loved ones that died for the country. John Wilks Booth was later hunted and killed in the largest man hunt in America.
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