The Kill Order

Unwind is a novel set in the United States in the future after a civil war. Children from 13-18 years of age can be taken to give their body parts for medical purposes with their parent’s permission. As an alternative to abortion, this was a suitable compromise between the opinions of the pro-choice and pro-life people, because the children are still supposedly conscious while living in divided states. One theme seen throughout the novel is: Having a positive relationship in life is important for a person’s well being.

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“The Kill Order”

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To begin with, Lev had a positive relationship with Pastor Dan and this was important for his life. Lev grew up with the pastor as his mentor because of his imminent role of a tithing child. Throughout Lev’s childhood, Pastor Dan strongly condoned tithing the tenth child as an acceptable religious practice. However, on the journey to the harvest camp, following his tithing party, when Connor attempted to save Lev, Pastor Dan had a change of heart. He gave Lev instruction, “Run, Lev!” “What?” “Run! Run as fast….Run!.” This was the first proclamation to spark doubt in Lev’s mind about being a human tithe and left him wondering about the opportunities he would lose. Lev had a good relationship with Pastor Dan and it was important towards forming Lev’s first negative opinion on the subject of unwinding.

Therefore, having a positive relationship can lead you to start falling in love with a person. As more time Risa and Connor spent together, attraction became inevitable and both finally gave into their emotions when they were both captured and brought to the harvest camp.

“ Risa, I care about you… Love you, okay? I love you.” Of all the difficulties that they went through, time went by and they began to catch feelings. As you can see having a positive relationship can lead you to fall in love with a person based on Risa and Connor.

In conclusion, it is important having a positive relationship because that’s what makes a person’s well being. Lev, Paston Dan, Connor, and Risa are good examples of why having a positive relationship in life is important for a person’s well being. Pastor Dan worried about Lev because he used to see Lev as a nice guy. Risa and Connor became very close because of all the time they spent together, which led them to fall in love.

In conclusion, Lev became friends with Connor and Risa who opened up his ideas and his decisions. He saw the world in a new way and his character evolved and developed. He did not accept that unwinding was fair. These all connected to the essence of his story, his emotions, and gave more depth to his personality. 

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