The Issues of Gender Gap in Women in Politics, by Abby M. McCloskey

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When someone reads this article, without looking at the author's name, they can tell what gender wrote it. Abby M. McCloskey has a brilliant structure in her article. She first explains the huge gender gap in what women believe in politically and follows with facts on how the gap has widened. She starts off her article with a bold remark about how women do not want Donald Trump as our president. She follows the next few paragraphs with negative reactions to women in the current world. At first, she seems to not like Trump as our current president, but later in the article, you learn that she has high hopes for the incoming president.

Abby begins to turn her article around toward the second page. She first mentions how Trump wants to close the gender gap of epic proportions. He has set forth policies for working women. Abby also warns us that she is not a fan of the things he has said or of him personally, and she tells us how his policies are "far (and sometimes very far) from perfect." She also says that this is the first major move to support working women.

She discussed many issues on these topics. She writes about paid leave for women who have a baby and cannot work. This would take up to six weeks and would not involve new taxes or government spending. Trump plans to pay for it by reducing fraud in unemployment insurance, which was also said to be unlikely. Child-care is a policy Trump did not nail, as well as paid leave; it was expensive and poorly targeted. Abby has high hopes because she also mentions "fiscally responsible child-care proposals that Republicans can get behind." She also explains issues related to taxing women. She brings up the point that women are more likely to drop out of the workforce than men when faced with high marginal tax rates and benefit reductions that kick in as income increases.

Abby concludes her article by saying how she has been commenting and writing about these topics for a women's agenda for the past three years. She has concluded that Obama has not helped with these issues and that Trump will. "In a turn of events no one could have predicted, Trump is now the Republican best situated to act on these policies and increase women's economic opportunity.

I have heard of these topics and issues all my life but have never related them to women because I am a sixteen-year-old male. Reading this article has made me more aware of the troubles women face on a daily basis in modern society. I am glad Abby supports Trump's movement on working women, and I am also glad that the working women of the United States have hope for the next four years.

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