Can the Hunger Games Really Happen?

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a book that is set in a dystopian future. The children and teenagers of the society are forced to participate in a game known as the Hunger Games. They are known as tributes. They must kill all the other people who have been chosen as a tribute in order to be the last one standing. If they are the last one standing, they win the games and a year of supplies of food for their district. The games were created to punish the districts for a rebellion that happened many years ago. The Hunger Games are very brutal. The tributes have to kill each other. Many people wonder if those types of games can happen in our current society. Many say that there is no way this could happen.. Others say that it can happen. They use the example of ancient gladiators who fought to the death. I believe that while there is a small chance it can happen, it won't. The reason I believe it can happen is that of all the horrible videos that are online. There are many videos that show little kids beating each other up. There are videos that show people getting bullied. There are many leaked videos that show the horrible things that can happen to people. All these videos have millions of views. Some people actually want to watch these kinds of things, so there is a chance they would want to watch something like the Hunger Games. Television is the same.

There are many programs that are bad. Then more people watch them, the more numb we become to it. We start to see it as something that is normal or part of life. Television has many reality tv shows. People seem to like seeing how others live their life. They also love the fights and drama that come from the shows. Many shows on television might seem harmless but if you really think about it, it has some questionable content. Nancy Lambert said in her article titled Could the Hunger Games Really Happen?, Clearly, competition on Toddlers and Tiaras is a far cry from popping the little princesses into an arena and watching them fight for survival. However, we're certainly not above creating some pretty ethically questionable material involving children, just for the sake of entertainment. Even though there are many reasons to believe that the Hunger Games could happen in our society, there are more reasons to believe that they won't happen. One reason is found in the article Five Lessons in Human Goodness from the Hunger Games. It says that killing is against human nature. Many people who have committed a murder are left with a guilty conscience. They want to apologize to the family of the victim. Many of them would want to go back in time and stop themselves from committing the crime.

A second reason to believe that the games won't happen is that humans were created with good intentions. But most people don't try to control the bad desires and they let the bad get the best of them. Humans aren't naturally bad. Another reason to believe that the games won't happen is that our society doesn't tolerate anything that cause harm to children and that's a great thing. Whenever somebody is seen doing something that harms a child, they go to the child's defense. Children have way more protection than ever before. Before, children would have to work in factories. But now there are many laws that prohibit children from working at a young age. Even though there are many reasons to believe that the Hunger Games could happen in our society, there are many reasons to believe that they won't happen. Yes people like watching violent content. Yes people post videos that show them beating up others. But humans are naturally good. Goodness in humans wouldn't let this happen. People care about children. They wouldn't let them participate in games that could potentially kill them. Our society wouldn't let the games happen. They would be to gruesome. The Hunger Games wouldn't happen in the U.S.

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