The Great Depression in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

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While Huxley still lived in London in 1932 there was a lot of events happening at the moment. One which we cannot take our eyes off is the Great depression, it not only affected the United States of America, but it also influences many other countries and their behavior. Then there what was known as American Culture, which was the collateral damage the great depression had. The great depression was very daunting, that it affected completely the way Americans were in the 1930s. Not only did it affect the United States, but it also affected London and the way they interact. Lastly, one event to remember would have to be the second new deal. That was a deal which president Roosevelt created to help alleviate the consequences from the great depression. President Roosevelt incorporated many new opportunities, federal programs and many job opportunities for Americans. All in all, these events played a significant role in the creating of this book that must be considered, and not unlooked. Aldous Huxley is man who had a clear vision when writing this book. Throughout the book Huxley clearly expresses his opinion and, talks very deeply about different topics. One of the topics is mass production, through the 1930s there were many events that made it clear that mass production was going to be a big impact, not only in the United States, but the entire world. Huxley was raised in England with 3 other brothers, Huxley at a very young age was partially blind, Huxley wanted to be a scientist, but instead he became a writer. Huxley not only wrote many books, he wrote poems and criticism. Huxley died at the age of 62 in Los Angeles, California. One of his best pieces he is remembered, is definitely the book Brave New World.

Although Huxley had several visions with how America would be shaped in the future, I do not believe he is right in one point. Huxley is correct when he uses Ford Henry as a clear example of mass production, Huxley is correct when he references that people will start to fade away from their religion, Huxley is correct that drug addiction is a severe problem among adults and teens, Huxley is correct that items will depreciate over time, Huxley is correct that labor will hit a deficit, Huxley is correct that capitalism will play a big role in the future, Huxley is correct that socialism, sexism, classism and dictatorship will play a gigantic role in the future. One point where Huxley is incorrect, is human cloning and being able to change the genetics of unborn babies. Although there is research stating that cloning is possible, there is no concrete procedure available to the public yet. The first theme present is the Mass production, not too far into the book and there is clear evidence of what Huxley is referencing to. The whole of a small factory staffed with the products of a single bokanovskified egg (Huxley7) By incorporating the idea of cloning, the author makes the audience/reader feel intrigued. At this point, the audience will be persuaded to believe that cloning will is clearly a real thing that will soon or later take its place in the United States of America and the entire world.

Not too far from the previous quote given, Huxley once again re-states the topic of mass production. Ninety-six identical twins working ninety-six identical machines (Huxley7) This provokes feelings of suspense in the audience because it allows them to visualize Huxleys vision. One clear example of this would definitely have to be Henry Ford. As Ford initiated production of his first ever car, the T model. They sold successfully and Henry had the idea of dropping the cost of production. Henry than assembled his line of production with workers only specializing in one area. Soon Ford began to sell his model T for only 500 dollars, not only did Henry revolutionized the car industry, but he had set the world to a new track. That track was mass production all over the world. The last theme that Huxley covers, would definitely have to be Social stability. Huxley has a broad view of the world. Not only does he believe in mass production, he believes in efficiency and making the world a better place. If we could bokanovskify indefinitely the whole problem would be solved (Huxley7) The author employs this quote in order to clearly visualize what the world could potentially be heading towards. Huxley forces the audience to acknowledge the fact that efficiency and mass production are 2 identical factors that must be taken into consideration.

Huxley utilizes allusion to clearly re enforce the topic he is trying to persuade throughout the book. Huxley utilizes an abundance of references towards Shakespeare. Is there no pity sitting in the clouds, That sees into the bottom of my grief? O sweet my mother, cast me not away: Delay this marriage for a month, a week; Or, if you do not, make the bridal bed In that din monument where Tybalt ties. . . (Huxley184) By highlighting Shakespeare the audience will now feel a sense of desire and cherishment towards the reading. At this point the audience will be persuaded to understand the quote of Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet. One topic that is clearly re-enforced in this book is efficiency, but in particular productivity. Which at first glance might seem 2 identical topics but in reality, they are slightly different. Efficiency comes down to labor and wages and how quicker things can get done without sacrificing that much in wages. Productivity comes down to input over output. There have been obvious actions taken in regards to efficiency and productivity.Big corporations like Costco have taken action in whole selling, that lowers the price per good and they will see greater margins. They will more profit more, which at the end of the day is what business strive for according to

The second allusion will be located just one page behind the previous quote. Let the bird of loudest lay On the sole Arabian tree, Herald sad and trumpet be (Huxley183) At this point, the audience will be persuaded to understand the intellectual writing of Shakespeare. Huxley is clearly trying to emphasize that not a lot people can really understand the poems of Shakespeare. The third allusion would be located on the same page as the previous quote given. Property was thus appalld, That the self was not the same; Single natures double name Neither two nor one was calld Reason in itself confounded Saw division growth together Upon reading this the audience feels compelled to understand what Huxley is implying through the poem of Shakespeare. It forces the audience to acknowledge the fact that, society is clearly fading away from ancient poems alike Shakespeare.

Huxley utilizes irony to emphasize what society is heading towards. One irony in particular would have drug abuse. Even though they are identical, majority of them. They all consume some which is a muscle relaxant that helps alleviate pain. Lenina took two half gramme tablets and Henry 3 (Huxley75) Huxley clearly stresses to the audience that drug addiction is soon going to impact the world. Sure enough Huxley was right, as the United States is now on of the countrys with a high abundance of drug addicts. Huxley once again utilizes another irony to clearly reflect the where society is heading towards. In the book they all do not believe in a religion, but surprisingly they believe in Henry Ford as their God that is very ironic. Oh, Ford! (Huxley 29) By stating Henry Fords name, they are implying to Henry as a God, they will always try to be like him due to his accomplishments.

The last irony we encounter is how some female characters like Lenina like to have to have fun with men, but do not understand what it takes to actually have a baby, since she has never really fallen in love. Lenina alone said nothing (Huxley 173) another quote is Lenina, what are you doing. Zip, Zip! (Huxley 193) By Highlighting Lenina the audience will realize that society is fading away from loyal relationships alike Lenina. All in all Huxley has a very clear vision of what he is talking about. Although there was one point that still needs time to develop. Huxley does not hesitate to re enforce his other themes. Huxley had a rough past, he had 3 other siblings and is now the proud author of Brave New World.

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