The Government and Ensuring Social Justice

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Many of you are eager to have good jobs in the public sector. Discuss why neo-liberalism, Austerity, Tax cuts and privatization are major obstacles in your path.

A large portion of individuals tend to have this desire of achieving and securing a good job in the public sector but fail to recognize factors which most likely will impact the career they desire. One of the factors important to take into consideration is Neoliberalism. This factor of neoliberalism is known to transfer control of economic factors converting public sector jobs to private sector. Neoliberalism is known as the approach in preference of free markets and this occurs through the deregulation and privatization by the government. Development through neoliberalism is based on personal profits at all costs this includes industrial and business corporations as they are ran by people (Vombatkere,2016). Another affect neoliberalism brings upon workers and the public sector is the impact of inequality and favouring these private companies allowing the rich to get richer and the poor to be left on their own struggling. This inequality is evident through the fact that the top 1% individuals on earth are wealthier in comparison to the remaining 99% (Vombatkere,2016). In addition, proving how neoliberalism continues to influence and promote consumerism and global trade rather than equity and social justice.

Tax cuts are also responsible for affecting workers especially when austerity is addressed as this may cause the government to continue with stable wages and neglect increasing pay for public sector workers to make up for any budget deficit the government has. This becomes very problematic for workers as they struggle to make essential payments as market prices continue to increase but their wage stays the same and only benefits the rich business owners as they continue to gain wealth in the economy. When seeking a career in the public sector many youths are looking for a career in which they will make good income to be able to support themselves including the purchasing of necessities. In relation as the market prices continue to increase and wages continuing to stay the same it will be a problem addressed towards workers as the increase in difficulty to be financially stable will rise for many. Austerity will lead to the downfall of many as many individuals cannot meet what is being asked and they will barely be able to support themselves and future family. This will cause many youths to reconsider their career path and seek jobs that only continue to increase in success which are within the private sector.

In conclusion how the government favours consumerism and global trade while neglecting equity and social justice through neoliberalism impacts workers at a great disadvantage, along with austerity and tax cuts that also affect the workers financial balance.


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