The Era of Imperialism and the Plague of Capitalism

During the era of imperialism and the plague of capitalism, the capitalist system is unable to sustain organized advances in the living standards of the globe’s working class. The suffering from capitalism and the resultant distress for the people can only be stopped by the conscious employees’ revolution. The revolution is a deliberate act of the working masses. To uncover this need, the vanguard fighters of this group have to be prepared with a conscious plan, a revolutionary program, and a insurgent vanguard party (Blanc, 2016).

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“The Era of Imperialism and the Plague of Capitalism”

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Lenin maintained that the revolutionary party was a necessity. He believed that the working class could not be freed by those who are above or in different ranks. He did not agree with parliamentary socialism for perceiving socialism as a system developed by political leaders on behalf of the people they represent. Lenin, along with Karl Marx, believed that the liberation of the working masses must be done by the masses themselves.

When he was young, Lenin was a Marxist and he was radicalized when his elder sibling, Ulyanov, was killed for an unsuccessful assassination endeavor on Tsar Alexander. Things came to a change after the first war. The Marxist theory maintains that the war shouldn’t have occurred since the squabble only benefited the capitalist owners. The general identity of proletarians should have kept German employees from fighting the French. Nationalism was a better catalyst, as many workers from Europe volunteered in the war. This significantly impacted Lenin. With the Marxism theory having failed to explain the war, he went on to develop the imperialistic theory; German employees were able to combat the French since they went against the ideals of the Communist insurgency. They had been corrupted by capitalists. The wealthy in most European nations were able to pay their employees better, and give them added benefits since they exploited the less endowed countries. Through this, the employees from the wealthy nations aren’t exploited anymore but they turn into accomplices of the capitalists.

Mao Zedong was a leader of the Communist Party of China, and under his leadership, they were able to combat Japanese forces and invade China. He maintained a strict class stand, always maintaining the working classes interest. He knew that the proletariat peasantry was the sole class force that could regenerate China. He rejected any moves to make communism contingent on the capitalist class; he also resisted excessive attachment towards the varying currents that comprise of an intricate movement for the revolution of an opressed country (Alexander V. Pantsov, 2013).

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