The Different Kinds of Heroes in the Plays “Death of a Salesman” and “12 Angry Men”

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Different Kinds of Heroes

In the plays Death of a Salesman and 12 Angry Men, the writers highlight the leading character as a hero. At the starts of the plays, the reader or visitor does not realize that the men are turning into brave males.

Willy Loman, a tired old salesperson, lives an unrealistic life and locates hope in desires for the future. Part of his satisfaction is being a Loman; a pride that he hopes every one of the household will share. He can not delight in the present therefore he usually imagines memories of the past. He likes his work however his family members is more important to him. The salesman thinks that the key to success is to be suched as and to have an excellent character. Willy has always been a number with numerous faces; he should be a successful papa to the young boys, a supplier to Linda, as well as an excellent salesperson to himself.

By shedding his task, Willy realizes that he lives in illusions. The hurt guy loses his feeling of being a male. Homebuilding and giving for the family members belong of a guy duties, and also without a work, Willy can do neither. His life becomes useless to him.

Although he still really feels that he needs to offer his family members, he can no more do so from his work. The concept of suicide strikes him; he believes the cash from his insurance coverage will offer financial backing for his family members. The exhausted, optimistic male, who had visions of a great future for his kids, does not involve terms with fact. He retains his hopes as well as thinks that death is the only answer. Throughout the play, Willy can not confront reality. Regardless of this, individuals around him like his character. This generous act of giving away his life to assist his family reveals that he looks like a hero.

Comparing the two heroes, the viewers can identify that both men count on the virtue of young people. When his kid Biff has the world at his feet, Willy Loman lives for the day. He tries to help him by offering him recommendations. Biff will never achieve success yet his papa still counts on him. Juror number eight does not have any proof to confirm the virtue of the teen however he relies on him and also convinces the other members of the court to believe also.

Every hero requires a person for support. Juror number eight persuades juror number nine as well as this provides him the mental power to become a hero. Linda Loman as well as also the kids support the not successful sales person when he returns from his scenic tour around the nation. They give him the power to take place as well as attempt once more.

Both personalities show great courage and also stamina. Willy Loman wishes to victimize his life to support his family members with the life insurance. Juror number 8 defends the accused and disproves evidence. They are both heroes, yet juror number 8 assumes genuinely and locates the fact. Willy Loman sometimes understands the realities of his busted life yet he can decline it.

Heroes can represent several types such as a juror or a salesman. No one becomes a hero unless people identify his doing. Occasionally, as the visitor can identify in Death of a Salesman, it can be too late to tell someone that his doing is important and also good.

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