Death of a Salesman Act 1

Willy heard flute music and remembered his dad. His dad was a salesman and a flute-maker. Willy was 63 and a salesman who traveled to multiple places. On a Monday Afternoon, Willy Loman came home from his business trip super early. He was tired. Linda, Willyr’s wife, woke up and greeted him. Willy didnt want to talk about why he came home early. Linda irritated him by asking him what happened repeatedly. She asked if he was in a car accident. He became irritated and said that he didnt have one. He said he kept going into a trance when he was driving. He said that he opened his carr’s windshield to look at nature. He looked at the flowers, the trees, the leaves on the ground, he felt the cozy air, and started daydreaming. He then lost focus on driving. Linda begged him to ask Howard Wagner, his boss, for a job where he doesnt have to travel, in New York.

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“Death of a Salesman Act 1”

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Linda and Willy talked about Happy and Biff, Linda and Willyr’s sons. They were sleeping. Biff came from Texas. Willy judged Biff for doing manual labor on horse ranches and farms in the West because he was upset with him. He called him lazy and a bum. He then said that Biff wasnt lazy. Biff told happy that he wished he didnt have a fight with his dad. Happy wanted to know what Biff wanted to do with his life. Biff told happy that he wasnt happy at all. He also told him that he hates the business industry and competition. He thinks that farm work is better. Happy felt lonely because he didnt have a woman and a sufficient job. Happy and Biff imagined emigrating to the West to have a cattle and ranch and working in the sun. Biff gave up his desire for wealth. Happy couldnt give up his desire for money. Biff came home because he felt like he needed direction because he doesnt understand what he wants to do in life.

He tried to be a shipping clerk and a salesman but it didnt work out because he doesnt want to be in business. Happy felt guilty because he slept with his buddies fiances and girlfriends. He took bribes from producers to display their goods. Biff chose to ask Bill Oliver, his ex-employer, for money to begin building a ranch. Biff thought that Bill blamed him for stealing basketballs but Happy told him that he will like him. His sons thought that he had another car accident because he was making rumbling noises, so they woke up. Willy remembered Happy and Biff, when they were younger, washing his car and playing football. Willy said that he is opening more huge business than Charleyr’s.

Charley isnt respected like Willy is. Bernard, Charleyr’s son, came to study with Biff for math. Biff isnt passing math. Willy commanded Biff to study for math. Biff didnt want to. He distracted Willy. He showed Willy the badge for the University of Virginia on his shoes. It impressed Willy. Bernard said that the shoes dont mean that Biff is going to graduate. Bernard left. Willy asked Biff if Bernard was respected. Happy and Biff said that he was respected but not that respected. Willy told Linda he made $1200 by selling goods. Linda questioned him. He only made $200. Willy said that he couldnt make money because people did not respect him. Willy said that he jokes and talks a lot. Willy said that Charley is respected because he doesnt talk a lot. Willy thinks that people think that he is super fat. Linda told him that he was handsome. Willy told her he missed her a lot when he was on trips.

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