The Day of the Dead

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The Day of the Dead is not the Hispanic version of Halloween instead it is a joyful time of affirming color and joy. Although people are sad in remembering their deceased family members, the day of the dead is a time of happiness and joy. Were people paint skulls on their faces, were costumes and make offerings to lost loved ones. The Day of the dead is very special in spending time with family its history is rich and important about the Aztec’s and life after death that inspires us that our family is still with us in spirt. With interesting facts to go with is it the day of the dead is a truly special holiday.

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“The Day of the Dead”

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The history of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead originated several thousand years ago with the people of Aztec, Tolec, and Nahua who considered mourning of the dead to be evil and disrespectful. For older Spanish cultures death was a natural part of life and often celebrated, because they believed their people were still with them through memory and spirt. The Day of the dead is for remembering lost loved ones although it is sad the day of the dead is a happy day in the celebrations of life and re-visiting the spirts of loved ones.

The Day of the dead is on all saints or all soul’s day. On this day the dead are awakened from their sleep to celebrate with loved ones. They use skulls to represent the dead because the day of the dead represents all souls day. Some of the interesting facts about the day of the dead begin with the fact that although it is a 1 day holiday it is celebrated over 3 days October 31st is a massive parade and celebration. Then November 1st and 2nd is celebrated with the first day is normally being used to celebrate children and infants this day is el Dia de los innnocentes and the 2nd day is used to celebrate older adults is the actual day of the dead is called el Dia los Muertos.

Another interesting fact is the day of the dead varies among different cultures but is mostly celebrated with the catholic religion. Some of the most important parts about the day of the dead are natures elements fire in candles, wind, earth in flowers and often includes the favorite food of the loved ones. The marigold flower is the typical flower of the day of the dead. It is bright orangish yellow like the sun and represents life and hope which is what the day of the dead is about. The day of the dead festival starts on October 31nd lasts 3 days thousands of people come to a parade and dress to pay respects to dead ancestors and family people paint skulls on their faces and were very colorful costumes. Family’s also put up alters with pictures of family members decorated with marigold flowers one of the symbols of the dead along with the skulls.

They decorate the altars with what the deceased family members loved. People make a trail of flowers to their loved ones and tell stories of them to pay their respects. The day of the dead is a festival of joy and happiness not sadness. During the day of the dead, fireworks go off all three nights and many musical performances occur. This all ends with the celebration of life with you and your family members. The day of the dead is a great day were our ancestors an remembered in a positive way and we can celebrate as a family. El Dia de los Muertos have a very rich history and many interesting facts about it. It’s one of Mexico’s prized holidays and is celebrated by all. El Dia delos Meurtos.

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