The Benefits of a Healthier Lifestyle and Alzheimer’s

There are many diseases in the world that we should be aware of and concerned about, which will help us learn about them to understand their symptoms and possibly prevent them. Diseases of the brain and heart are of specific concern since they are functionally responsible for the rest of our body. One of the most well-known diseases of the brain is Alzheimer’s, which is a chronic neurodegenerative disease.

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According to the Genetics Home Reference website, Alzheimer’s is directly linked to dementia which causes memory loss as well as decreased levels of judgment and overall functional ability. It is also said that this disease when progressed can cause changes in personalities, behavior and even social interaction. Once affected, people usually tend to survive approximately 10 years after they start to experience symptoms although the disease can take up to 25 years to run its course.

Since Alzheimer’s has a severe impact on the brain, this impact would be significant not only for the person affected but also everyone around them. Family and friends will have to take on additional responsibilities and this can be extremely difficult to deal with. Once the onset of the disease has fully progressed, the individual will require total care and overseeing as they will no longer be able to fully take care of themselves. This can end up being very stressful in several different ways for the people responsible for this care (Impact of the disease).

According to the official website of The Alzheimer’s Organization, there are four keys of prevention which include awareness of symptoms, complete nutrition, mental and physical activity and social engagement. Being aware of disease and knowing how to identify their symptoms can be one of the most important steps. The ability to recognize symptoms can help someone prevent the disease or in the case of early detection can allow treatment to assist with the disease. One of most effective ways to prevent this disease is to keep a balanced nutritional diet and constantly remain active. Making sure your diet does not have any certain vitamin deficiencies like vitamin E and eating a balanced diet with specific attention to Omega-3 fatty acids is the best way to assist in prevention from a nutritional standpoint. A balanced physical and social life can also be highly beneficial to prevention. Being physical active can have several benefits, even for those who are not at risk, but striving to have activity at least three times a week is necessary for prevention of this disease. Social activity can be crucial to your mental health as this kind of activity promote mental stimulation so be sure it interact and engage in meaningful conversations with friends and family often.

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