Students Loans are Like Stalkers

Students loans are like stalkers because they follow everywhere you go. Students drop out of college because of costs and have no way to support a living and going to school. Students should to get loan relief during bankruptcy processes because some did not understand the consequences at young a young age, they could become economically productive being able to buy any necessities they need, and they could drop out of school because they cannot afford to stay.

Education is America’s number one path for a brighter future and if our students cannot afford it, then why are surprised about so many people having no careers. Students should go to school because it is very important for their future however to prevent them from dropping out or not going at all the government should make tuition cheaper or help students pay it off. Many students come go to college and drop within a few semesters because they can afford to support themselves and go to college. For example, Jasmine Johnson was in college and her loans grew up to $65,000. She was really close to getting her degree but because she could not afford to pay all her debts she had to drop out and work. Later, she enrolled again but not too long after she dropped out again because she could not keep up with college and a full-time job (Swidey 1).

Student debts are one of the biggest reason for drop outs in college. Most of the college students’ graduate college owing $25,000 in student’s debts and majority of them fail paying it off and in 2015 the student loans rose up to $35,000 (Price). Students fall behind on their payment which gives them fees and then they have to pay even more. They need to support themselves somehow but with all the debts they have it is impossible. Students could be more economically productive by buying other things and adding to the economy through consumer purchasing.

When they have loans, there is no way for them to spend any extra money. Studies show that in 2015 more than half college graduates postpone buying homes, cars and put off getting married (Humphreys 2). They should not have to delay getting married or buying things that are necessary for living. Shap Smith says “I’m a lawyer and my wife’s a doctor We have been saving for college since our kids were three months old, and we can’t make it, so how can others who are less fortunate,” and that is true, how can a student that is working part time, maybe even a full-time job getting paid minimum wage able to afford to pay off tuition. “Student debt and college affordability have emerged as top campaign issues,” and yet we do little or nothing at all to try to fix it.

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