Static or Dynamic?

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Some may say Mme. Loisel of “The Necklace” is a dynamic character. But to argue this opinion, there are many reasons why Mme. Loisel is in fact, a static character. Guy de Maupassant skillfully develops the character of Mme. Loisel in “The Necklace” with an unvarying nature by her thoughts and words. Maupassant begins to competently develop the traits of Mme. Loisel as a static character by her thoughts. The life of Mme. Loisel is described by her residence filled with the, hideousness of the drapes, the shabbiness of the walls, and the worn out appearance of the furniture.

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“Static or Dynamic?”

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She relentlessly grieved about living in what she thought was poverty and wanted to live the elegant life. “She had no evening clothes, no jewels, nothing. But those were the things she wanted; she felt that was the kind of life for her. She so much longed to please, be envied, be fascinating and sought after. ” (Maupassant 3-4) The qualities which demonstrate Mme. Loisel as a static character are also established through her words. Ten years after the night of the reception, the day the necklace was lost, Mme.

Loisel took a stroll one Sunday afternoon on the Champs Elysees and coincidently ran into Jeanne Forestier, the owner of the necklace. She then decided to confront her about her life in the past and the present. “[…] I’ve had a hard time since last seeing you. And plenty of misfortunes-and all on account of you. ” (11) Nevertheless, after all the years of working off her debt, Mme. Loisel is only Dominguez 2 concerned about what supposedly Mme. Forestier had done to her: she felt that she made her live the life she thought she had, a life in poverty.

Despite all that Mme. Loisel has gone through, she hasn’t yet stopped the ambition of having more than what is already possessed and holds those around her accountable for her unhappiness. In a nutshell, Mme. Loisel’s character can be described with an unvarying nature. After taking these reasons into consideration, thoughts of whether Mme. Loisel is a changed character or not may differ from the thoughts held before. In your own opinion, what kind of character does Mme. Loisel resemble, static or dynamic?

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