Sorrow and Fear in “To Build a Fire”

On the other hand, naturalism literature represented as a type of extreme realism. It highlights on the roles of family in a person life. It also exhibits the social values in their raw forms and describes the environmental condition which have great impact on character building of a person.

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In “To Build a Fire”, naturalism seems to be a simple fact that is unchangeable. Nature is shown to be Powerful and rigorous. The presentation of Nature in “To Build a Fire” shows us how nature is not bothered by Man. It is an individual in itself and should not be challenged or taken for granted as it can turn into the most notorious troubles to Man. Knowledge is all the information and facts that Man relies upon to approach a situation.

According to “To Build a Fire”, “its instinct told it a truer tale that was told to the man by the man’s judgment” (London p. )This shows that it can cloud a man’s instinctive Judgement and makes him think himself to be Powerful. Instinct is the natural observation, presence in the moment, realtion with nature to get answers. It is to bow to nature and listen to it. It basically a story of a younger miner. He comes to a place named as Yukon with a motive to find gold. This story depicts the struggle of man against the nature. The man tries to fight with the nature along with lack of food and other important necessities.

Moreover, throughout the story, the man possesses great mental strength and remains quiet through the aching pains of his limbs freezing. According to London, “The man did not know cold, possibly all the generations of his ancestry had been ignorant of cold, of the real cold, of cold one hundred and seven degrees below freezing- point” ( p 1117). This elaborates that the main character was built to handle like those types of temperatures. On the other side, nature tested his mental and physical abilities such as the numb of his face, hands, and feet which made traveling situation very difficult. In addition, the man intended to keep in touch with reality by finding some ways to keeps him warm.

Ultimately, heat started to fade which caused the man to experience forms of sorrow and fear. This is basically relates to realism because of the real sentiment and emotion of how he intentionally planned to make it home and even mentally preparing for death. Facing rough weather circumstances has led the man to return to human instincts through having some thoughts of killing his dog to stay warm by using its fur. Therefore, naturalism part from realism because the way humans react to extreme circumstance.

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