Smoking Health Effects

Smoking has become a normal part of the lives of many, some can’t do without it, others smoke for the fun of it while some smoke because of the cold. “Smoking is the inhalation of the smoke from burning tobacco (nicotine) that has been encase in cigarettes,pipes and cigars” (Harmon, Angela; Boughton, Barbara ;2016) . All around us we see cigarette and marijuana smoking among people of various ages. Smoking may keep onewarm, but smoking literally “cooks” or “roasts” a smoker’s internal organ. Firstly, smoking endangers our lungs and reduces its ability in the respiration process. Instead of taking in smoke from any source, the lungs are designed in such a way that, they take in oxygen from the channels that lead to them and brings out carbon dioxide through the same channels. Smoke contains high amounts of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases which has a bad effect on a smoker’s internal organs.

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“Smoking Health Effects”

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Lung Cancer is one of the numerous effects smoking can have on an individual. The lungs could also darken from their continuous exposure to smoke and heat which could also cause wounds or inflammations in the channels where the smoke passes before it gets to the lungs. Smoking inthe long run may lead to death.Additionally, smoking is very lethal to the heart. Smoking cigarettes or anything else is very dangerous for the heart. The heart being the most important muscle in the body, we wouldn’t want to put it in any form of danger, but smoking does. Smoking darkens the heart just as it does to lungs with heat that is way more than the body produces. As the heart darkens due to the smoke and heat that comes with the smoke, its performance too decreases. Palpitations, heart murmurs, irregular heart beat rhythms and possibly heart failure and most likely loss of life could be associated with smoking. Smoking could also lead to blood cancer or Leukemia, since blood is also a component in the circulatory system.

Also, smoking is bad for the teeth and dental health altogether. Smoking changes the color of the teeth by continuous inhalation of the smoke through the buccal cavity or the mouth. The teeth enamel then discolors and minor injuries are also caused to the tongue, gum and the mouthtoo as a result of the continuous contact with the heat from what is being smoked. Bad breath follows the above. Bad breath comes with the smell of what the smoker smokes together with the reaction of the microorganisms in the mouth and saliva. That also leads to the formation of dark colored plaque. Soon the teeth could be decaying or looking crude because of the expansions the heat from what is smoked by the smoker.Smoking increases an individual’s chances of suffering a stroke.

Strokes are usually caused by a broken blood capillary or by lack of sufficient oxygen to the brain. The oxygen supplied to all parts of the body comes from the lungs. And when the lungs are supplying all parts of the body with carbon dioxide and other toxic gases, the brain is sure to be supplied carbon dioxide and toxic gases too. And since the brain controls all the movements the body does, when it’s not functioning properly, the body won’t function properly either. That could lead to death in the long run. It has been made known to the masses how dangerous smoking it to the health of pregnant women and their unborn child. Smoking does as much harm as it does to the mother to the unborn child. Pregnant women who smoke, damage their children’s ability to respire and as a result,reduce their unborn child’s lifespan just by “inhaling and puffing” (Lukasz37-38).

There sure is much to smoking than the “inhaling and puffing” since a pregnant mother could do that much damage to her unborn child simply by “inhaling and puffing” Smoking is indeed bad for an individual’s health. It’s funny how people go on to smoke even when the packet warns them not to. Others too are learned or they are informed on how dangerous smoking is to their health yet, they go on to smoke several “joints”daily. They might even smoke as much as the company produces by the end of the year. Well, for me, I’m not even trying one “joint’ ’Ifyou’re smoking to keep warm or just for smoking sake, you might want to reconsider the fact that you’re literally “cooking” or “roasting” your internal organ.

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