Effects of Pueblo West Metro on Health Promotion

In today’s world, health promotion is more important and pertinent than it has ever been mostly because people face greater problems and concerns related to disease and illness (Kumar & Preetha, 2012). Luckily, these issues can be confronted by incorporating a holistic approach in which individuals and communities are fortified in promoting health (Kumar & Preetha, 2012). Depending on the size of a community, resources are typically available to aid in facilitating health-promoting activities and services. Available resources of a specific community are explored along with recommendations to enhance resources and their services.

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“Effects of Pueblo West Metro on Health Promotion”

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Pueblo West is not a city in Southern Colorado; Its conserved a metropolitan district and has a residential population of just under 30 thousand (Pueblo West Colorado, 2019). Pueblo West is a relatively young town, founded in 1969 and it has slowly been developing over the years (Pueblo West Colorado, 2019). Today, one will discover a town or district that encompasses growing industries, several schools, an expansive trail system, and the Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo West Colorado, 2019).

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District, known to residents simply as Pueblo West Metro or just Metro, is the governing body of Pueblo West that manages all aspects of Pueblo West’s government, community, and services (Pueblo West Colorado, 2019). One of many features of this resource is its parks and recreation division which offers a multitude of programs ranging from sports, classes, art, and so much more for all age groups (Pueblo West Colorado, 2019). Adult sports and leisure activities offerings include dance, group fitness, yoga, softball, kickball, volleyball, and more are offered (Pueblo West Colorado, 2019). Youth activities, from pre-school age to teenagers, include art, dance, baseball, basketball, soccer, and football (Pueblo West Colorado, 2019). Additionally, aquatic activities, swim lessons, and karate are available for all ages as well (Pueblo West Colorado, n.d.).

It’s easy to understand why Pueblo West Metro plays a large role in the community’s promotion of health. According to Jay Baker, the Communications and Engagement Manager for organization, approximately 2,430 Pueblo West residents participate in its organized community activities at any given year (J. Baker, personal communication, January 7, 2019). With the organization’s strong focus on physical activities throughout the year, Metro contributes to the community’s well-being and overall quality of life by promoting and offering physical and mental activities (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015). Youth benefit from regular physical activity by improving their cardiorespiratory, muscular, and bone health, in addition to lowering depression (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015). With age-appropriate and regular physical activity, young adults and older adults can the reduce risk of many health problems such as stroke, high blood pressure, cancers, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, early death, and more (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015). It’s important to know that strength and agility helps prevent falls and promotes greater independence in older adults (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015).

Pueblo West Metro delivers physical activities and programs well within its community. However, they appear to be deficient in other areas of health promotion. Health promotion and prevention is comprised of physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and social support (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015). It is suggested that the organization eventually adopt and offer programs covering each topic. However, to be more realistic, it is suggested that Metro start promoting nutrition as its next step in health promotion. This can be implemented as classes and/or integrated into its physical programs. Nutrition is recommended because it plays a major role in health promotion and disease prevention (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015). An unhealthy diet is a crucial factor associated with obesity which causes many health problems (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015). Many deadly chronic diseases could be preventable and are often consequences of unhealthy nutritional habits (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015).


A well-rounded and holistic approach towards health promotion provides ideal conditions to involve and nurture individuals of a community. These ideal conditions promote physical activity, proper nutrition, stress management, and social support (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2015). Community size plays a role in the amount and type of resources available, but it should not be an excuse to deny action. Individuals and their resources should be empowered to act and work together.

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