An Overview of the Scarlet Ibis

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The scarlet ibis is a story of a young man, who tells the story from the first-person point of view. The story is about him and his brother Doodle. Doodle was an invalid kid who was supposed to die at a very young age. The story is set up in North Carolina in the summer of 1918. Even though most of the story talks about the narrator and his brother it also talks about the narrator pride and how everyone had something to be proud of and he was Doodle The narrator knew from the beginning that his brother could not do what all normal kids could do. Doodle had a big impact in the narrator life from early on the story to the end of the story.

Many people thought that the narrator was only impacted when Doodle past away but they are wrong the narrator was impacted from early on. Doodle impacted the narrator in many ways because doodle was disabled the narrator had to carry around with doodle meaning that the narrator spent a lot of time with doodle. One thing that impacted the narrator the most was him teaching doodle how to walk it made the narrator have pride but pride isn't always good. The biggest impact is when doodle dies the narrator feels that it's his fault that doodle died which was true it was the narrator's fault he left doodle back in the storm knowing that his brother could not survive that there impacted the narrator a lot it change him from what I can see.

A good example is when he gets on his knees and starts to cry. Stories told in the first person are easy to identify. The narrator will call him/herself "I" or "me." In "The Scarlet Ibis" the first-person narrator is known only as Brother. Brother is what his brother, Doodle, called him. The story is his memory of their time together. Brother is a central narrator because he's a main character in the story. Brother tells us what happened to himself and his brother. His actions play a major role in shaping the events of the story. Notice that we say Brother is the main character, not the main character. We think he and Doodle share the starring roles, but some readers feel strongly that Doodle steals the show.

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