Short Essay about Student’s Life

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The impact of lifestyle on personal health has become a global focus. The WHO points out that “60 percent of the health and life expectancy of each person depends on their behavior and lifestyle”, and university students are no exception. Therefore, this paper will search university students’ life style from several aspects, and hope to get our own thinking from the research results.

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“Short Essay about Student’s Life”

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Lifestyle is a very broad concept, it almost covers every aspect of our lives, and this article will select three typical aspects— eating habit, sleep and exercise to elaborate it.

As the old saying goes, “food is the most important thing for the people”. To understand university students’ eating habits, we need to clarify the following questions. First, are university students on a regular diet? University students have a disorder of sleep and rest, diet and weight loss, which may cause irregular diet. Secondly, is their diet hygienic? Contemporary university students will choose for the sake of taste, convenient degree of takeout, take-out food as a modern fast rhythm of life necessities, but because of its special mode of operation, difficult to control, food safety problems. Thirdly, is the diet of university students balanced and healthy? Some students are still picky about what they eat. University students still have some problems with their diet.

Sleep is important to protect people’s mental health and maintain their normal mental activities. Scientific data suggest that the human body needs at least six and a half hours of sleep to stay normal. The need for rest and detoxification requires us to fall asleep before 11 o ‘clock. However, what is worrying is that it is quite common for modern university students to stay up late. Stay up late has various reasons, such as study tasks, play games, browse information. And the dangers of staying up late also gradually to get our face, not only can make people fat and ugly, but can also lead to low learning efficiency, and even cause physical overdraft. The problem of university students staying up late is very serious.

Life lies in sports. Sports are an important way to prevent diseases, eliminate fatigue and achieve a healthy life. Taking Chinese university students as an example, we have a physical education level test, and the Physical health standard is an education method to promote the healthy development of students and encourage students to take active exercise. However, poignant, according to some data show that university students have chronic diseases (13.9%), the more chronic disease for chronic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, peptic ulcer, 6.2% of the students often sick or the body uncomfortable; 24.8% of the students rated their health status as average, and 2.5% of the students rated their health status as “poor”. The average amount of exercise among college students has not yet reached the standards advocated by the world health organization. Our physical exercise level isn’t enough, and the physical condition of university students is worrying.

The influence of lifestyle on individuals cannot be ignored. To some extent, lifestyle reflects a person’s life status and greatly affects his life quality. University students’ way of life for the future study and work will influence, therefore, we need to try to overcome the unhealthy diet, stay up late, exercise less, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and be responsible for ourselves.

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