She was a Real Example for Every Princess

Many people have heard of Princess Diana, the beautiful and heroic. She is remembered by many still to this day. Diana had a rough childhood, her life started improving when she was a young adult. Then in her last years, she made a huge impact on the whole world. Princess Diana was one of the most popular women in the world.

Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1st, 1961 in Sandringham Norfolk, England. Diana was born at a Park House that her parents rented located on Elizabeth II’s estate. She was born into the British aristocracy. Her full name was Lady Diana Frances Spencer. Diana had two sisters Sarah and Jane. She had two brothers Charles and John, but John died shortly after his birth. Her childhood friends included Prince Charles who was twelve years older than her and Prince Andrew who was closer to her age (Britannica, T. E., 2018, August 27). When Diana was eight her parents divorced bitterly. Diane’s father won custody of all the four kids. Their divorce caused Diana to describe her childhood as very unhappy and very unstable. She was also described a quiet reserved child( Princess of Wales Diana Biography, 2003).

Diane was tutored from her home until she was nine years old. She was then sent to her first boarding school which was Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk. Norfolk, was an all-girls boarding school. Diana was then sent to another boarding school known as West Heath Girls school in the Sevenoaks. She didn’t accel well in school which caused her to have to attend many different schools. After Diana failed to pass her O-levels twice; she briefly attended Institut Alpin Videmanette, a finishing school in Rougemont Switzerland. At about that time, Diana met Prince Charles for the first time (Princess Diana Biography, 2006, January 6 ). Prince Charles at the time was dating her older sister Sarah. Although she was below average in school she did accel in swimming and diving. Diana longed to be a professional ballerina with the Royal Ballet. She, unfortunately, grew too tall though for that profession. After leaving her finishing school she became a kindergarten teacher’s aide at Young England school in Pimlico. In addition, she was also a housekeeper and nanny in London( Princess Diana Biography, 2006, January 6 ).

Diana and Charles meet again when she watched him play polo at Balmoral while visiting her sister. It was rumored that Charles was under pressure from his father to marry at the time (Cain, Á. ,2018, August 27). Diana and Charles began dating shortly after and six months later he proposed( Lewis, J. J., 2018, May 17). In February 1981, Prince Charles proposed after only been on a few dates. Diana had her first public appearance with Prince Charles on March of 1981, at a Charity Ball.

Their engagement became official on February 24, 1981, after she settled for a large engagement ring. The ring was actually similar to her mothers it consisted of fourteen solitaire diamonds surrounding a twelve-carat oval blue Ceylon Sapphire set in eighteen-carat white gold. The ring also was later passed down to Catherine Middleton engagement ring (Biography, n.d.). Of course, Diana accepted the proposal and had only met Charles thirteen times before they were married (Cain, Á., 2018, August 27). Their proposal sent out mixed signals to the public. Diana said that “He would ring me every day and then not contact me for weeks”.

Even in the courtship, Charles wasn’t very consistent. Following their engagement, Diana left her jobs as a kindergarten aide and lived at Buckingham until their wedding. Diana later admitted that marriage was not a good idea. A few days before their wedding, Diana’s suspicions and feelings of unease were confirmed days before the wedding. Charles’s had supposedly had planned to give Camilla Parker a gold chain bracelet with the initials “F and G” entwined. Camilla Parker was identified as Charles’s long-term mistress. The initials stood for their nicknames for each other which was Fred and Gladys. Following the incident, Charles refused to admit giving Camilla the bracelet. That issue happened days before the wedding and made Dian confused, upset, and bewildered (McTernan, L., 2018, June 25). Despite all this, Diana became Princess of Wales on July 29th, 1981. She was also ranked as the third most senior royal women in the United Kingdom following the Queen and the Queen’s mother. Their wedding was at St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was known as the “fairytale wedding” or the “wedding of the century”. It was on global television with an audience of 750 million people watching (Princess of Wales Diana Biography, 2003). Along with that 600,000 people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding (Princess Diana Biography, 2003).

Shortly after their marriage, they announced their first pregnancy. Prince William was born June 21st, 1982. Then two years later their second and final child was born. Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984. William and Harry were often times referred to as the heir and the spare. Diana was said to be “A caring mother that is trying to raise the children as normally as possible”. Her sons described their mother’s parenting skills as informal, loving, and mischievous.

Prince William even quoted that “She understood that there was a real life outside of Palace Walls”. Diana also became involved with many charitable causes. She called attention to the homeless, and to drug abuse. She once visited victims from the Irish Republican Army bombing. Though One of the most popular things did was she shook hands with patients of AIDS without any gloves on. She was also involved in a campaign to ban landmines. Diana was involved with forty-four charities and making more than 180 visits in a year. Diana said “I just don’t want to be a name of a letterhead”. From the start of their marriage until August 28, 1996, their marriage continued to go downhill.

In December of 1992, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got consent from the Queen and consultation with government officials that they agreed to a legal separation through a divorce (Diana, Princess of Wales, 2003). By 1996 photos and scandal coverage was getting out control. In February of 1996, Diana announced her divorce, surprising the Queen. The Queen had not been informed by Diana that she was going to make the announcement. On August 28, 1996, their divorce was final. They both agreed to be active in their son’s lives. Diana just continued to stay in Kensington Palace and was still permitted to be called Princess of Wales, but she just was not able to have of Her Royal Highness (Lewis, J. J., 2018, May 17). Following the divorce, Diana decided to only have six charities and she resigned from the rest. That way she could spend more time with just specific charities (Deerwester, J., 2017, August 24).

In early 1997, Diana was linked romantically with a 42-year-old Dodi Fayed (Lewis J.J., 2018, May 17). On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, Trevor Rees-Jones and Henn Paul attempted to evade the paparazzi also known as journalists (Princess of Wales Diana Biography, 2003). They ended up having an automobile accident and crashed in the tunnel (Lewis J.J., 2018, May 17)). Dodi and Henn Paul were killed on the scene. Diana later died at the hospital. The only survivor was Trevor Rees-Jones (Princess Diana Biography, 2003). Her death was a devastating loss to the world. The reporters chasing Diana were widely blamed for repeatedly hounding her at high speeds. Ever since, the word paparazzi has been associated with the death of the Princess (Princess Diana Biography, 2003). She was known as the World’s Most Photographed Women. Following her death, her sons had worked hard to ensure that the charities do not go to waste. Princess Diana had a huge impact on my people’s life. Diana was said that “she recommended people should carry out random acts of kindness with an expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you” (Cain A, 2018, August 27). She will always be known for her compassion, style, charisma, and high-profile charity work (McTernan, L., 2018, June 25).

Princess Diana made an impact on many people’s lives in many ways. Although she died young, her heroic acts changed the world. She showed the world what a real royal should do and how they should act. She had such a big impact that she was considered one of the most popular women in the world. The beautiful Princess Diana will always be remembered in history. 

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