Sexual Violence against Young Women

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According to Charlotte Bunch, “Sexual, race, gender violations, and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing culture.” The basis of the quote can be easily interpreted by convincing society that the way to prevent sexual violence against young women can be eliminated is by modifying their cultural beliefs and mindsets. Society can do this by teaching young women their values, and make it clear to them that harassment cannot be tolerated. Sexual violence is also very common in the workplace, and women should also take action to eliminate discriminatory jokes that may relate to sexual harassment. They must understand what is too far.

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“Sexual Violence against Young Women”

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Women can do this by understanding and examining the company’s harassment policies, and also examining behaviors, and feelings that may be related to sexual harassment. It is important to be aware and conscious of subtle forms of sexual harassment, but in order to understand this position, people need to understand the overall structures of sexual violence, and this is important for everyone to understand. Sexual violence against women is based on gender inequality, moral values, and racial background; an efficient way to prevent sexual violence against young women is to prohibit it overall and confront its foundation. women’s rights

Aside from sexual satisfaction, sexual violence against young women is frequently found in power inequality, both physical and discern among male and females which are firmly impacted by cultural morals and positions. According to the NCBI Web, “Interpersonal violence against perceived or real weaker partner is a widespread phenomenon” (Sexual Violence Against Women). Sexual violence against young women recur frequently due to mens cultural faith in superiority, inferiority, and socialism toward women. Culture may be the principal role for sexual violence against young women but people have to look at the overall totality of past cultural form, advantages, and disadvantages.

Everyone’s involvement during early development is critical to their perspective of what is right and wrong. Everyone’s understanding varies whether they are positive or negative and contributes to their character. People’s early development relies upon the cultural issues which shape individuals today such as the environment people live in and go through, cultural morals, position, and conduct. Cultures profoundly explain unquestionable exteriors of sexual violence against young women that castigate and condone to an extent, validating cultural exteriors of sexual violence against young women, allowing a continuum rise of coercion from one end to an accepted coercion end. For instance, under the apartheid system in South Africa, the rape of white women was prosecuted as the sexual violence against black women was valid as a normal lifestyle.

Furthermore, child marriages in rural parts of India demand sexual relations with young girls who have not matured in adulthood. Moreover, in Indonesia a study divulged that sexual violence against women takes place periodically, starting at an early age such as 14; in different forms in a private matter, most of the sexual violence is caused as domestic and sexual violence.

Sexual violence against young women is a momentous worldwide health obstacle. For this principle, the legislation has passed laws and acts as a way to diminish sexual assault against young women. According to the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization; The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, is working on adjusting the issues of this type of violence. “RAINN works with a range of policymakers and influencers to pass key federal laws and educate the public about how these laws facilitate justice for survivors of sexual violence” (RAINN). The Debbie Smith Act proposes to downplay the accumulation of undetermined raw DNA verification by allocating the necessary resources to approach the necessary verification to join test trials to the National Database.

The Debbie Smith Act was created in 1989 when a stranger invaded Debbie Smith’s home and sexually assaulted her, five years passed with undetermined DNA verification. Until 1994, the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is created and maintained by the FBI to store DNA evidence, and it gave access to the forensic evidence to be verified, pinpointing the perpetrator. In 1990, congressmen enacted The Clery Act which obligates a considerable clarification and felicitous forewarning from colleges and universities about the sexual or nonsexual crimes on their campus. In the year of 1986, a college freshman named Jeanne Clery was raped and murdered in her own school campus; the event led to the investigation of all colleges and universities who never spoke out to reported rapes all across the country. Just like the Clery Act, the Campus SaVE Act redresses the obligation to a considerable clarification to voice the survivor’s rights as a guarantee and initiate punitive acts.

The Federal and State Courts Address Sexual Violence, in which case RAINN maintains a standpoint on the court cases in order to influence how the legal system convicts an offender, consoles survivors, and prevents sexual violence. Subsequently, a three-year-old boy divulged to his daycare teacher, that the mother’s boyfriend was abusing him; because of this, it elevated questions and concerns to his testimony due to his age.

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