Rosa Parks Journey through History

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Rosa Parks Journey Through History


People think I didn't give up my seat because I was tired, but that is not true. No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in. Rosa parks was born in tuskegee, alabama in 1913. Years after she is called the mother of civil right movements.
Next, you'll learn about the bus driver's point of view. Finally,we'll read about why Rosa park is a strong women in history.

Chapter 1: All About Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was civil rights leader born on February 4 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. December 1913 Rosa parks got married at the age of 20 and her husband Raymond was 29 when they got married. They got married at Raymond mother's house in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa parks went to Booker T. Washington High School in Montgomery, Alabama. Then she went to Highlander folk for girls in elamachy. But she dropped of high school out when her grandmother became seriously ill and subsequently died (poor girl). She also got a job to seamstress in a department store. She sewed clothes to fit customers. And the place she worked was a colored stor only. Isn't Rosa Parks childhood interesting?

Chapter 2: The Mother of Civil Rights Movement

Some people call Rosa parks the mother of civil rights movement why? she was the second colored female out if 4 to stand up for herself and after that more and more people started protesting for equal rights and soon the laws were changed so colored people would be treated the same. But still not all people treat people the same as others.
This matters because everyone should be treated the same no matter what color they are.

In, 1955 Rosa Parks was taking a bus home from work. The bus was soon crowded from people coming on. On the bus colored people sat in the back and white would sit in the front and the middle was for both white and colored. Colored would have to move for white people. A white person came on the bus and wanted Rosa Parks spot but instead of moving she just sat there.

The bus driver called the cops and they arrested her. When the cops said we are going to arrest you if you don't move Parks respond you may do that. So they did.

Rosa Parks was only in jail for the night. After parks was out of jail some bus drivers did not let her on their bus. It took 381 days to change laws. But it payed off. Also over 2,000 people participated in the bus boycott.
Now do you agree with me that Rosa Parks is called the mother of the civil right movement.

Chapter 3: The Bus Driver's Point of View

I was on my last stop and I saw a white man outside so I ask a row of 4 colored people so I ask them to move 3 of them moved but one didn't. I tried everything and she would move and I did warn her. so I called my supervisor and they said to call the police so I did a minute the police was here. I was not trying to be mean my supervisor told me to do it and if I didn't I would have gotten fired. James Blake said on a interview with the washington post I was just doing my job and she was violating city codes

In the next and finally chapter you will learn why Rosa Parks is a strong women in history.

Chapter 4: Why Rosa Parks is a Strong Women in History

Rosa parks is a very strong women in history because she was the second woman to refuse to give up her seat. The first women is, claudette colvin. Next, the second is rosa parks. The third is, ruby bridges.

Rosa parks is a strong women in history because she was one of the people who participated in the Montgomery Alabama bus boycott. One other person is, Ralph Abernathy. Next, Mary Fairburks. Finally, Hugo Black.

Rosa parks is a strong woman in history because she had white friends even though people said she could not. One of her friends is, Virginia Durr. Another one is, Clifford Durr, My faverin one is, Edgar Nixon.
In the end it all comes down to Rosa Parks is a strong women in history


In this book you hopefully learned all about Rosa parks, the mother of civil rights movement, the bus driver's point of view, and finally why Rosa parks is a strong women in history.


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  2. Rosa Parks National Geographic by susan O'leary
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