Great Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks, a woman born on 4 February 1913, changed a lot by just standing for what she believed in. On December 1, 1955, Parks sat in her seat and did not move. She had worked long and hard all day and just wanted to sit down for a ride home. This soon became a problem.

When the bus started to fill with more white passengers, the bus driver moves the black passengers back one seat. It just so happened that Parks was in one of those seats. She had sat there and she was not moving when the driver told her to.

Rosa Parks wouldn't stand when asked simply because she was tired of giving in to what people thought was their authority over another human being. If a passenger refused to move when asked by the driver then they only had the authority to call the cops to remove the passenger. This is exactly what happened.
Parks was taken into custody afterwards, but she was released on bail later that night. When Rosa Parks was arrested a man named E.D. Nixon decided he was going to make plans to form a boycott against Montgomery's city buses. They had asked all African Americans to stay of buses on December 5, 1955, on Parks trial date, to protest her arrest.

Even though they had started a protest, Parks was found guilty, and was fined a total of fourteen dollars. Though she lost the case, it caused a huge event. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was an event that ended up lasting three hundred and eighty one days, over a year long. This caused buses to go mostly empty, and almost forty thousand African American citizens to walk to work, some distances being twenty miles.
Even though there were many attempts to stop the boycotts, no one retaliated. Peoples homes were bombed and people were arrested. Even their churches were being burned.

Rosa Parks was a great woman. She somehow managed to help African Americans even though she just sat in a seat. They somehow managed to free themselves of the Jim Crow laws. Rosa Parks became and idol, but died on October 24, 2005. She still continues to be great, even through death.

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