Roger Is The Symbol And Epitome Of Evil

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In my essay, I am going to talk about roger from LOTF, and why he is such an interesting character, and probably one of the characters with the most depth. Roger is the kind of person that would hurt small animals for fun, like a serial killer before they have become a serial killer. He is the kind of person who would but in front of an old lady in line to get to his selfish means faster. I will talk about what he symbolizes, why he is in the book, and why he is so interesting,

In Lord of the Flies, Roger is the symbol and epitome of evil. He is sadistic, and is the kind of person you would not want to be alone with. In the story, he can be seen throwing rocks at the littluns, which could be symbolizing many things, and then stomping on there castles, just to be destructive. While maurice has regrets about what he did, robert has no bad feelings for what he did. In LOTF, jack wants power because he feels like he can use it to lead. Roger wants power simply to hurt and oppress the people is is leading. He also is burying flowers and stones that the littluns collected just to spite them. He doesn’t become a sadistic person in the same point. At the start he holds back because feels that he should stay the same as he was in his old life, but as the story progresses, he becomes a murderous psychopath.

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I think that Roger is in the book to balance out simon. Simon is a Christ-figure of sorts in the book. He is looked up upon by alph, Piggy, and an assortment of other characters think he is kind and smart, which he is. He provided lots to the group, and found a solitary ?special place’ which is referenced to as a cabin during the story. He is the opposite of what roger stands for, so I think that roger took great pleasure in killing simon during their tribal dance. He would have felt like he was tipping the scales of balance in his favor.

I think Roger is one of the most interesting characters in lord of the flies because of his depth. He is a very complex character in my opinion. He changes a good amount throughout the story, turning from nice choir boy to horrific murderer. He is degenerative in his psyche and starts off by throwing stones at small children, but as time goes on and he either realizes that everyone is dead and they won’t get rescued, or that no one can punish him, he starts doing worse and worse acts. The worst part is that he felt that his world was at the point where no one could control him, no matter what depraved things he did.

In the end, I think Roger is an incredibly interesting character, probably one of the most in the book. He is complex and deep, even if he is a horrific character. As said by Eric and Sam, when they are tortured by Jack for Ralph’s location: “You don’t know Roger. He’s a terror.” “And the chief”they’re both”” no. just roger

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