Rio Bravo

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Prioritize the problems in what you believe the order of importance is related to the situation analyzed, and present your solutions accordingly Below are the problems as identified in the case study and are listed in their order of priority. 2. 1Project team formation. On winning the NUMMI bid, the management of Packard Electric had to put together an exceptional team that could handle the new international project. The operational management should have consulted within the entire group to provide an experienced management team which had skilled and diverse cultures. The diversity was addressed in the composition but they were not skilled enough to undertake an international project. 2. 2Project planning The project team, including the sponsor did not derive a complete project methodology to be applied on the NUMMI project. Most of the project flaws emerged due to the lack of processes to be followed. 2. 3Project Management Technique 2. 4Change Management Top management did not include change management as part of their strategy when deciding to engage the company outside the US borders. The internal Rio Bravo IV management was not an cohesive team due to the haste it was created under. 2. 5Cultural Differences a) The differences in value systems, language problems and nationalities had a great effect on the team growth and performance. b) The fact that the Sumitomo team brought along with the translator suggest that the first team had a problem in translating/understanding the customer’s blue print.

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