Rebelled Emily Dickinson

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Growing up Dickinson was a rebel she rebelled in matters of religions and social prosperity. When Emily was younger she secretly created bundles of poetry and wrote hundreds of letters. Emily Dickinson was born December 10,1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts where she lived nearly her entire life. She died on May15th, 1886. Dickinson died of kidney disease. She was 55 years old when she died. Her parents were Samuel Dickinson and Emily Norcross.

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The couple had three children William Austin, Lavinia Norcross and middle child Emily. Dickinson and her siblings were very close growing up they always depended on each others. Emily Dickinson had a strange relationship with both of her parents. She never moved out of her family’s home. Her and her mother did not always have the best relationship. Emily’s mother was a stay at home mom and made sure that everything got done around the house. Samuel Dickinson emily’s father worked as It wasn’t until her mother got very ill till they had a good relationship. As her mother got very ill she needed a lot of help and support. Emily Dickinson’s parents were big into the farming and having everything being done at home.

Dickinson ended school in her teenage years to help on the homestead. After helping on the homestead for several years she finally went back to school and she attended Amherst Academy (college) for seven years then attended Mount Holyoke female seminary for a year. After she finished college is when she really started her writing. While she was in school is enjoyed it and made she is would finish on top. Schooling was very important to her when she finally went back. All of Dickinson’s teacher’s knew that she had so much potential and knew that should could go far and had a huge desire to succeed.

As Dickinson got older she got better about getting out of the house. Dickinson never got married or had any children that was just something she was not into. She never thought having kids was really for her. Dickinson did help out a lot with her nieces and nephews she loved be able to watch them grow up. As she grew older she spent a lot of time at her brother’s house because her best friend married her brother. As Dickinson began to get older she ended up getting kidney disease at age 55 and it killed her. Her death was a big impact on her family and the world.

Dickinson inspired many of the time in America. She was also one of the most famous early female poets ever which added to the women’s rights movement. Dickinson had a very driven mind. She had her heart on something and wasn’t letting it go till it was complete. Some of her poems reflect on her loneliness and sadness. She went through a lot of hard times in her life but she always reflected it back on her writing. She never let anyone know she was hurting or suffering till she wrote about it. Dickinson started writing at a very young age and that’s the reason she had such a big drive for it.

Some of the poems Dickinson wrote were “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers”, “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain”, “Tell all the truth but tell it slant”. You can tell by the name of the titles that she writes about special events or something that has impacted her in many ways. Dickinson always wrote things that other people could relate to. People could always read her poems are relate to things that are going on in there life. Looking through some of these poems I can see where I can relate to certain things in them. Even after Dickinson passed away her best friend made sure her work didn’t go away. The poems that she hadn’t totally finished were still published.
My opinion on Emily Dickinson is that she seemed like a very hard worker and if she set her mind to something she made sure it got done and that it was successful. It is amazing to me that she kept her feelings in till and not express herself till she wrote her poems. She was very independent person and always wanted to do better. She always made her writing stick out where people wanted to read it. You could tell that she wanted people to look up to her and wanted to be known as someone people looked up to and wanna be known as someone that and changed things for the better.

One of my favorite quotes from Emily was Saying nothing sometimes says the most. This quote to me means that silence can have more of a meaning than words. You should not always have to say something for someone to realize that something has happened or changed or that you have done something wrong.This quote makes a big impact on my life. Dickinson will always be remembered as one of the best American poets to ever live and her legacy will live on for many years to come.

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