Biography of Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson is known for her famous exclusive American poems that she used to write. She was not recognized during her time due to the fact that most people haven’t realized her innovativeness in form and syntax. Emily Dickinson started her favorite work of writing at the tender age when she was a teenager. She was influenced by some other famous writers such as Leonard Humphrey who was the principal at Amherst Academy. He she started this work of writing she encountered some challenges which hindered her from performing it well. In the year 1855 Dickinson had a chance to move outside her own town Amherst and ventured some places such Philadelphia and Pennsylvania where she met a minister by the name Charles Wadsworth who was also impressed by her work.

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Dickinson was born in the year 1830 in Amherst she left school as a teenager and started to wring some poems while as a young teenager though to an extent her poetry work was not recognized by people. The poet created bundles of poems and letters which were revealed later by her. This made it difficult to be recognized in by the American till the time her sister Lavin revealed this poetry work which was received by a lot of intimate by the American scholars and other people who loved poetry and literature in general. In quite so many years people in Amherst didn’t know this young poet and her work. On the 15th day of May in the year 1886 Emily Dickinson’s work was recognized in Amherst where she was considered one of the most important writers in the state.

The family background favored Emily to advance in her career of poetry. She was coming from one of the families that had deep roots in the New England her grandfather by the name Samuel Dickinson was famously known as a founder of the Amherst college and also once served as a state legislator this boosted the famous of Emily as people would easily link her to her grandfather. The poet would also get the support from her family members despite the challenges which may be encountered by any new writer in the literature she would sustain the challenges and work out to ensure that she remained competitive in writing poems and other impressive letters.

Emily Dickinson was a lucky and excellent student who attended Amherst Academy. In this school, she was also able to acquire further knowledge on how to make her work of poetry more interesting. The poet is believed to be slightly emotional that is evident where her father decided to remove her from the school he was working by saying that she has fragile emotions. Emily Dickinson never believed in any religion this is because she used not to attend any church from her childhood till she was a mature person who was able to make her own decisions. The culture allowed children to choose whether to have a religion or not this is because from the history we get to understand that Emily was not involved in any religion nor she showed any interest in any religion while she was staying with her parents.

The poet’s gender has drastically enticed so many readers to be interested in her work. This is because to a certain extent many people have a notion that the female author expresses their feelings through writing which it is believed to be a true reflection of life in the society. Through the poetry work that was done by Emily people had to understand the importance of having female gender in literature. They vividly illustrated they life experience in the community and the views of their counterparties of the male gender. Thus Emily being a female gender she had undergone some experiences that would have not known if she was a male. People tend to perceive the female gender to be somehow truthful as compared to the male gender hence Dickinson’s poetry work was received by many people as a true reflection of what was happening in the society.

Dickinson was an experienced writer whose work became famous after her death. Her seclusion emerged with a lot of speculation in the later years. Many scholars are still asking what the cause of her death was. It was found that the famous poet suffered from conditions such as depression, agoraphobia, and anxiety which may be caused by the responsibility of taking care of the sick mother. In this case, a conclusion of the intimacy of a girl to the parents being high can be drawn this is because Emily Dickinson believed to have died of the depression because her mother was sick. From this observation, it is also believed there was male superiority because it is only Emily who died due to the depression of having a sick mother.

Emily Dickinson died in the year 1856 and was laid to rest in her family plot. Her work was published after her death and a few works were altered and edited later on to ensure that her legacy still maintains in the poetry industry. This was a vital action that was taken by the publishers to ensure that her work still would be remembered even after the death of Emily Dickinson whose work was cherished by many poetry and literature readers.

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