Quality and Safety in Practice

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Explain what will be expected in this presentation i.e the role played by parties in quality, safe patient care on daily basis.

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“Quality and Safety in Practice”

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The contributions made by nurses to healthcare as well as the wellbeing of the society, is at the very least incalculable (Vincent, & Coulter, 2002).

As the concept of healthcare moves towards a value- based care across the board, nurses tend to play a crucial role in ensuring the quality as well as the safety of patients care.

For instance, as a nurse, I tend to be extremely passionate when it comes to providing my patients with the best possible care.

Explain what you mean by quality and safety in health care.

State the importance of quality and safety in health care

The case

There’s this situation which I had to deal with, a 70- year old man who walked into the hospital with a number of health complications, which resulted from his difficulty in breathing.

The patient immediately collapsed upon reaching the hospital

State the case you experienced as a nurse.

Do not forget to state the age of the patient and how you came across him

Summary of the case

This old man was facing several health complication due to his age.

He never had his inhaler with him and was all alone not accompanied by his family or friends.

I had to attend to him after collapsing as we waited to be attended by a doctor.

Explain the health complications the patient was undergoing.

Also do not forget to mention the steps you took  in ensuring the safety and quality of the patient.

Role played by the nurse in the patient care situation

As a nurse, I tend to be extremely passionate when it comes to providing my patients with the best possible care.

What I could do to the old man at that very moment was to perform a CPR on the patient.

I then checked the patients breathing, I loosened his tight shirt, and I helped the patient use an inhaler.


Later on, I continued to monitor the patients breathing, until the doctors were able to operate on him. Fortunately, the operation became a success, the patient was admitted for a few days so as to allow the doctor to monitor his vitals.

I offered counseling to the patient after which he was discharged upon the doctor’s prescription

Explain the aid you granted to the patient in ensuring his safety in his breathing problem.

Also do not forget to explain the advise you gave to the patient on ways that can assist him improve his health condition.

Role played by the patient in their own quality- or safety related situation

After counseling the patient, the patient agreed to be using an e- scale.

It will help the patient manage his medical condition at home.

The device is used when the patient experiences heart failure or difficulty in breathing.


He will step on the scale to check on his weight.

The e-scale  will in turn will send alerts instantly to the healthcare professionals when the weight of the patient surpasses the desired range (Laschinger, & Leiter, 2006).

Describe some of the measures you gave to the patient that will assist in managing his condition while away from a health i.e. use of the e-scale.

Besides,explain how the e;scale works on the patient with the breathing difficulties while away from ahealthcare centre.

Relationship between patients care and the outcome

The need for detailed information on the relationship between patient’s quality of care and the outcomes is one primary results of the recent changes in the United States healthcare system.

Such changes tend to reflect the increased expectations of patients, coupled up with pressure to stop the increased costs (Black, et.al, 2011).


Patient care and patient outcome are directly related to each other.

In our situation, due to provision of his quality of care to the patient, the outcomes were also positive,

The patient was able to survive the operation as well as the quality of care.

How the care environment affects the situation

The Impact of environment on outcomes and patient satisfaction is all based on the idea that a perfect environment not only promotes healing as well as environment but it also prevents the patient from falling.

Moreover, a dynamic environment puts a lot of emphasis on the best practices in the control of infections by placing sinks as well as sanitizers at the point of reference (Laschinger, & Leiter, 2006).


In our case, the hospital setting which was the care environment played a huge role in promoting the patients safety.

For instance the hospital had access to facilities which prevented the patient’s breathing, the patient was also operated on as soon as possible thus increasing his chances of survival.

Give details on the contributions of a perfect environment to the well being of the patients health conditions.

In this case state the hospital setting as an environment which attributed to your patients safety.

A quality care model

A quality care model was employed, however, in our situation I believe the delivery of care to the patient was quantified within the model “structure and process which is equal to outcome”.

The structure in the delivery of healthcare may be referred to as the organizational structures in the hospital.

An example of such a structure is the Joint commission for Accreditation of healthcare organizations (JCAHO).


The process in this case refers to the patient interventions performed by the healthcare practitioners.

For instance, the CPR and the first aid which I had to perform on the patient, the doctors operation and the medical prescription which result into an outcome.

Moreover, outcome, refers to the aftermath of the patient’s interaction with the healthcare providers (Black, et.al, 2011).

An example of an outcome is the mortality rate which is associated by the operation procedures as well as the doctor’s medical prescription.

State a structure process that was applied in the patient’s case ensured delivery of quality healthcare. Eg (JCAHO).

Explain what the model entails in ensuring quality and safety patients care.

Give a example of a first aid performed to the patient  which ensured best results to the patient. Give a case on the use of CRP which resulted a reduction of mortality rates.

 Actions taken to improve future outcomes

Given the complicated nature of improvement in the outcomes as well as the high requirements for building as well as maintaining a continuous quality improvements in the number of outcomes, it’s no surprise that health systems tend to feel overwhelmed by the situation.

In order to improve the future outcomes, the action that I plan to take is to educate the patient on the quality of care and safety


I also plan to counsel my patients on the do’s and don’ts in order to improve their safety.

The other action which I plan to undertake is to vote for an increased number of nursing staff, in order to reduce the number of undone tasks due to excessive workloads.

A similar case is a research study conducted, featuring the Australian healthcare settings that demonstrated an increase in the number of the patient’s work load increases the chances of the patient dying with the first one month of the patient’s admission.


Moreover, findings from the research report showed that an increase in the number of staff decreased the rate of patient’s mortality (Vincent, & Coulter, 2002).

Hopefully, with an increased number of nursing staff, the number of nurse’s workload is probably going to decrease thus increasing the chances of the patient’s survival.

Explain measures that the health care practitioners need to apply in order to ensure continuous quality and safety to the patients.

Also explain the need to have more nurses. This will ensure better services to the nurses at all time.

Increase of the nurse practioners will also reduce the rate of patients mortality.

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