Poverty: Success and Treachery

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“Happiness is the experience of loving life. Being happy is being in love with that momentary experience. And love is looking at someone or even something and seeing the absolute best in him/her or it. Love is happiness with what you see….just expressed differently.” (McPhillips). Lord Byron lived an interesting life with good and bad events. This quote relates to his life because Lord Byron took every moment of life and lived it to his fullest.He was happy once fame was on his way and when he got married and noticed he’s happy when he has affairs. Lord Byron was an iconic poet of the Romantic Movement, who lived from 1788-1824. Lord Byron had a rough childhood and controversial adulthood, experienced career success, and later became a war hero!

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“Poverty: Success and Treachery”

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The early life of Lord Byron was rough as he was growing up. He was poor but was a noble and he soon inherits the title of a young man. George Gordon Byron or how people know him as Lord Byron the romatascist was born on January 22,1788 and lived a rough childhood with his father abandoned him, his mother being schizophrenic and a nurse who would abuse him. His father John Byron and mother Catherine Gordon really didn’t get along together. John claimed that he couldn’t stand being with both George and his wife Catherine, so soon he buys a house on the same street to be close to his son George and to see if he could come back one day but he never did. John Byron moved out with his sister where he soon dies in 1791 leaving a small George Gordon alone without a father just a mother. Lord Byron was born with a condition called clubfoot, which is a birth defect in where his leg is deformed or just in an odd position. Lord Byron was bitter towards his mother because he blames her for the birth defect. Byron isolated himself during his youth and was deeply unhappy.(poets.org) This quote demonstrates that Byron wasn’t an outgoing kid he was a shy type of kid but entering his teen years things will begin to evolve.

Lord Byron in his teen years was someone who was still searching who he was and who he wants to be. He had an immense love for literature because growing up his mother would read to him. As, George is still developing he notices that he is attracted to men as well as females, which makes him a bit more mysterious.As an Adult he goes to study at Aberdeen Grammar School, and moves to Trinity College in Cambridge.Soon, he starts writing poetry but doesn’t release any yet. When Lord Byron wasn’t in school he was with his family or writing poems where he soon found his love for writing, also, he soon publishes a poem named Hours of Idleness which appeared in 1807. He then releases a poem called The Edinburgh Review. Due to that poem he got criticized a lot and in 1809, out of anger and frustration he makes a satire about his Critiques called English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. In this poem he attacks the people who critique his work Which soon led to overnight fame and made Lord Byron the next big thing. At 24, Byron was invited to the homes of the most prestigious families and received hundreds of fan letters, many of them asking for the remaining cantos of his great poem.(Poets.org).This quote demonstrates the fame that Lord byron was receiving at this time.Lord Byron was the man everyone wanted to be and made women want to be with a man like him. Not also was he good at writing but Lord Byron was known to also be a politician and used his fame to use it his favors.This also led to many Love affairs and Secret mistresses.

As mentioned Women wanted to be with Lord Byron because he was controversial. George by the age of 8 was already looking for love after he fell in love with one of his distant cousin as stated, In 1803, Byron fell deeply in love with his distant cousin, Mary Chaworth, and this unrequited passion found expression in several poems, including ‘Hills of Annesley’ and ‘The Adieu.'(A&E). Lord Byron would at times write about his love affairs but he was never the loyal type of guy. He got married In January 1815 and, in December of 1815 his daughter Ada Lovelace was born. In January of the following year his wife Anne Isabella Milbanke accused him of incest to sodomy because of rumors of him being with his half sister. Also she left him because he was in so much Debt, was a drunkard, and was said to be bisexual so he really never saw his family after that.It was also said that Byron would abuse his wife and had affairs with various actress and even have affairs with his half sister. George Byron even kept Pubic Hairs to remember them by or to have them as trophies. Lord Byron would hook up with so many people that he had to leave his city because they were married and men wanted him dead or to beat him up for hooking up with their wives. Lord Byron’s spent his final days falling in love with a boy. Lord Byron was into a 15 year old Greek boy. His final days saw him enthralled by a young Greek boy of 15 who failed to return his affection. No longer the dashing and famous poet he once was, Byron found the teenager’s rejection a deep blow to his fragile ego,(English 5).This quote proves that he was bisexual and that this boys rejection led to Lord Byron’s depression. On April 19, 1824 Lord Byron soon dies by malaria at Missolonghi, Greece. Some people speculate that he could of also died of a sexual transmitted diease due to so many affairs he was having. Lord Byron was deeply Mourned for in England and was named a hero. Although Byron had tough times with his family and was in debt he had lots of success from his poetry.

Don Juan was a masterpiece that was written by Lord Byron himself and published 1824 according to google books. This poem is known for being one of Lord Byron’s best poems. Don Juan is a story about a boy who lived almost similar events that Lord Byron had been through by implementing another character taking his place. Later throughout, the book Don Juan finds love and shows that love is necessary. Throughout this very well done poem Lord Byron touches specific topics as themes. He talks about family, sex and gender. For family Byron is quickly to warn that it’s not okay to always provide for your children, parents can provide but also discipline as well. Byron wants them to know that kids should be treated like adults and educate them so they learn from their parents mistakes. His classic studies made a little puzzle,Because of the filthy loves of gods and goddesses, Who in the earlier days raised a bustle, But never put on pantaloons or bodice(Byron) Don Juan’s mother Donna never educates Don juan because she thinks other things,But this decision will come back to get her because Don Juan will go off and learn this stuff by himself. Which shows why parents should educate their children and not hide them. For sex Bryon makes Don Juan an object before he gives into the temptations and shows that sex is just meaningless and that sex has nothing to do with love it’s more lust. Don Juan wasn’t the hit that Lord Byron has written.

She Walks In Beauty is another great poem that was written by Lord Byron. It was written in 1814 and published in 1815. The reason why Lord Byron created this story was based on a real life event that inspired him. One day Lord Byron went to a ball and it is said that he met his cousins Robert Wilmot’s wife and he fell in love with her. Her name is Mrs.Anne Beatrix Wilmot. He fell in love with her on sight and he was inspired to write about her. The poem is basically about an unnamed woman that is described to be beautiful. Lord Byron uses words to describe her by using dark, connotations like night and starry skies. This poem has many key points but the most important ones are beauty, principles and femininity. In this poem beauty is described in so many ways to the point where Byron is idolizing her beauty. He worships her beauty and describes it in so many ways. The next main idea in this poem is principles of the unnamed lady. It is mentioned that he would seduce her but she is too pure and good hearted to do those type of sins. In the quote coming up Lord Byron see’s her calm face and he can see purity.Where thoughts serenely sweet express, How pure, how dear their dwelling-place…The smiles that win, the tints that glow,..But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!(Byron).With this Lord Byron is trying to imply that Beauty needs a balance of having good morals and be good hearted, but he also says that it’s important to look good as well physically.The final key point in this story that should be recognized is women or femininity. In this story the unnamed girl is being almost looked as an object. She never speaks or anything it is just Lord Byron that tries implying who she is based on how she looks. She walks in beauty, like the night..Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright ..Meet in her aspect and her eyes(Byron) This shows that he looks at her as if she was art, he looks at her and sees beauty but doesn’t see her as a person. In all this story has many key points but one more story is still to be talked about.

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