Persepolis Panels Analysis

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In the 5th panel it shows how they are playing in the playground. In the playground the kids are using there veils for jump ropes and in the bottom right there are two girls playing piggy back with the veils. Also, When marji is a little girl she rebels the western idea of her home so she asked her parents to bring her home posters and clothes from turkey. They bring her nike shoes and a jacket with a button (which is a violation of the dress code). In her childhood Marji is shown as rebelling person.

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“Persepolis Panels Analysis”

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The wall and its very central to the image and that shows that the wall is clearly an obstacle so they can’t easily escape the school and that could also symbolize that its very hard escaping the country. The color of both panels is black and white, the background is mostly white because the playground is near building and concrete and surrounded by a wall. The kids are very grouped together not spread out this symbolizes that they are friends and they all know each other.

The walls texture is very strong and straight lines, this symbolizes that the wall is very hard to get by and there is only one way in and out so you are probably not getting by it or around it. The girls were all given veils to wear before they entered the playground/ play area. The texture on the veils that all the girls were given is smooth on one girl who is wearing and the people who are not and that are playing with it has wrinkles, This shows that the girls were playing with it and were not taking it seriously even though they have to wear every day.

In panel 4 the girls posture are very straight and no slouching, This shows that they are very strict and want them to be girls/women when they grow up. In panel 5 the girls are going crazy and the women in charge has no control over them when they started playing, This shows that after they pass that gate when they are older the women in charge is not in charge of their life and they have to manage themselves without someone guiding them. In panel 4 marji does not look happy, This shows that even when she was little she didn’t like everything a normal iranian girl liked she liked being the rebellious one and stand out. In panel 5 marji is standing alone while the other girls are playing with there friends and having fun and marji is just running around by herself, Marji doesn’t connect with the other kids because she is different from most of them. In panel 4 Marji is looking over the wall, this symbolizes that Marji is making eye contact with the other girls coming in to see if she sees any of her friends but none of the other girls see her.

The wall is small compared to the kids height, I think the wall is small because Marji is looking over the wall and this also symbolizes that she is looking for a way our not only out of the school but out of the country. In the 4th panel the women who is giving the girls the veils is towering over the children, this symbolizes that going to school makes you a much bigger and smarter person in the real world and that after school. The girls mostly look similar in most aspect but Marji has short hair and most of the girls have long hair, before i read the book I noticed this but I didn’t think it wouldn’t matter but now since I read it it shows that the she was always rebellious as a kid and at the end of the book she had long hair and i thought that it symbolized that she grew up.

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