Organization and Inequality in a Knowledge Economy

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In the era of knowledge economy, having a huge amount of interest in knowledge is often taken for granted. For example, accountants, programmers, physicians, architects, and financial analysts all enjoy high levels of treatment and social status. Making money with creativity is the object of envy and admiration. Thousands of people around the world work in their own garages, hoping that one day they will be like Bill Gates. Knowledge entrepreneurs have become the latest model. In the past, capitalists were criticized for exploiting labor to become rich, but now there is no new “Mark private”. It is another exploitation to explore whether or not to possess knowledge. Perhaps there should be no new mark private at all. One of the important pillars of the knowledge economy to maintain is not the “intellectual property rights”? But the problem still needs to be solved. How can people who make big money by knowledge have more feedback?

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“Organization and Inequality in a Knowledge Economy”

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In the past, the policy of the national balance gap was still effective, such as progressive income tax, minimum wage, and employment subsidy. There seems to be no answer, and the feasibility of the tentative suggestion is not optimistic. The book “Unreal Paradise” can be seen as a representative of this aspect, and it provides a profound review of the benefits of economic globalization claims. A description of the global market: Traders’ computers are constantly searching the global market, and once they discover the opportunity to start, global investors are constantly looking for low-cost, high-productivity, and maximum profits in the global economic system. This is a portrayal of the huge profits of those with the best technology and information. More importantly, these people do not give back to the community (whether local or home), but instead transfer funds to the areas with the least tax and the least regulation. The policy of national redistribution is not implemented by these people, or it is greatly discounted.

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