Obesity in USA


Obesity has been a growing problem in the United States. It can be defined as a medical condition whereby an individual carries more weight as compared to height, or have excess fat that affects the normal body functioning. A health specialist will record that a person is obese if the body mass index (BMI) is high. The BMI is a tool that doctors use to determine whether the weight of a person is appropriate in reference to their height, age, and gender.

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“Obesity in USA”

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Height and weight are the most important aspects in determining whether a person is obese. If a person’s BMI measures from 25 to 29.9 kg/m2, then the person is carrying excess weight and in case it is 30 and above, the person is obese (Murray 1). Statistics records that about 36.5% of the total adults suffering from obesity in America while 32.5% are overweight. Besides, in every six children, one is obese. Bad eating habits and lack of participating in physical exercise are major cause of obesity in America.

Today, people are not concerned about what they take and where it comes from (Brazier 1). Bad eating habits can be explained in various ways. One, people are taking a lot of junk meals. Junk meals are also referred to as engineered junk meals, and have refined ingredients assorted with additives. The main reason as to why people find themselves buying the junk content is that it is cheap and readily available in shops and supermarkets. Since people have become lazy and do not either want to get to the kitchen, or prefer spending the minimum time in the kitchen, then they have to buy the precooked junk food. Besides, junk meals are sweet and thereby hard to resist. Manufacturing firms in the food industry have discovered that people eat more when food is sweet and therefore ensure that whatever they pack will be irresistible for any consumer who focuses on taste.

Junk food has the highest calories but contains the least nutritional value. Taste is improved by the addition of extra sugar and fat that do not have minerals that the body requires for healthy living. Due to the nice taste, people take more and even recommend the meals to their friends and families. It further increases obesity prevalence among Americans. Some people are addicted to food. Junk meals with high fat and sugar content are addictive.

People lose control when it comes to eating behavior and regardless of time, whether they have already eaten or not, they find themselves taking the junk content. The food manufacturing companies have been a major cause of food addiction thereby making people take more, become obese, and suffer obese related diseases like diabetes and chronic conditions.

The second main cause of obesity is lack of physical exercise. The world has changed, and the digital era has brought benefits as well as adversities (Brazier 2). For one, many people spend time in offices, mainly seated and using computers. The worst is when people work from their homes because some companies operate office suites; serving clients right from home comfort. These people do not walk to and from the workplace. As such, the body accumulates a lot of calories which contribute to obesity.

Dramatically, how people spend leisure-time has changed as compared to decades ago. Initially, people would play games; children would run up and down during holidays. These were important activities that enhanced body metabolism (Murray 2). The trend is completely altered today, and people spend leisure-time in non-physical engaging acts such as social media, watching movies or even playing video games. The change in lifestyle where the digital era provides more appealing leisure as compared to years back has led to an upsurge in obesity levels.

About physical exercise, lifestyle is a great concern. People are always interested in being associated with certain standards and class. They want to have the best out of the world and buy what others cannot afford (Al et al., 46). An ideal example is the trending motor vehicle industry that has led people to make the worst decisions. Everyone wants to own a vehicle, and use it even when going to shop 500 meters away from home. On weekdays people are busy, and they are either in their cars to work, in offices, or the car from the workstation. All these busy schedules deny the body a chance for muscle relaxation. Physical exercising helps in improving body appearance because high chlretrols are burnt. Besides, people who play games as a mode of physical exercise enhance the smooth circulation of blood which is essential for lung and heart functioning which in turn decreases the chances of being depressed.

In a nutshell, there is a high need to create programs that will censor people on the need to take caution of what they eat and set time for physical exercise. In the short run, junk meals will be sweet, and driving to the shopping centre that is less than 500 meters will be enjoyable. But it is important to pose a question; Will I be healthy tomorrow? Obesity is the primary cause of unappealing appearance which in turn reduces people’s confidence. Realizing the need for having a balanced diet, and necessarily chosen on taste basis will be of great benefit to America. Fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade food, and the general healthy eating habits will not only save your money but increase the chances of living healthy.

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